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No. 3 Vol. 2 - THE VEGETARIAN - AUTUMN 1948 p.34

(sic: it was actually the Calgary Society's anniversary....)

Monday, April 19th, was a very important date for members of the Calgary Unit of the Canadian Vegetarian Association. It was the Society's Fifth Birthday. Because Central United Church was not available on that date, the occasion was celebrated the following Monday, April 26th, with a very special banquet held in the Church parlours at 6 p.m. The ladies' group, who have now catered to the Society for the past three years and now know what vegetarians eat, served the usual delicious home-cooked meal. This time the menu consisted of an appetizer of tomato juice, plates heaped high with a savoury nut loaf, potato balls rolled in cornflakes, diced carrots, green beans, cabbage salad and for dessert, peach pie. Tea, coffee, rolls and butter were also served.

Centring the head table was the special interest of every guest - a nine-pound fruit cake beautifully iced and decorated in white; silver and gold. "Fifth Anniversary" was written on the top in gold as well as large golden "5's" decorating each corner. The tables were colourful and spring-like, with large bouquets of fresh snapdragons, tulips and daffodils. The whole effect was most festive-looking. A photographer had been engaged to arrive just before dinner, when guests, tables laden with dinner, cake and flowers were all at their best for a photo. Unfortunately, this event, as well as the cutting of the cake, was postponed until a future date, for the weather man was most unkind and took it upon himself to stage a real storm that night, with the result that only about half the people attended who had promised to come.

Speaking on "Vegetarianism - In the New Age," Mr. Rogers stressed the need for peace which could be brought about by the individual who acted, talked and treated his neighbour in a peaceful manner. "It has got to be a force as well as war," he went on, explaining as long as there was man's inhumanity to man and shooting and killing animals or any form of shedding of blood there could be no peace.

At the outset, the speaker traced the dispensations, starting with the Greek era, beauty and harmony; the Roman age, with established law, order and stability, to the Christian period when Christ taught love. There were four stages in each: birth, growth, decay and death, he said.

In dealing with the Christian period, when Christ had sounded the keynote of love, and value was at last placed on the individual, Mr. Rogers pointed out that His new commandment, "Love one another," had not yet been obeyed. Instead, an age of selfishness, greed for power and a will to exploit, developed. This treatment of man and beast led to two great wars - "two wars of a magnitude developing powers never dreamed of before in history." This led up to the chaotic conditions of cruelty and oppression, he went on.

There were now signs we were entering into a new age, he said, citing the growth of mentality, spiritual nature and scientific discovery with the atomic energy which, put to the proper use, will be a blessing to man. The breaking down of colour and race prejudices and the growth of humanity movements were other signs, he continued.

Miss June Kimball, Secretary traced the growth of the Society in Calgary from its beginning in the library five years ago, when Mrs. D. A. Anderson lit one candle. The Calgary Society was affiliated with the London Vegetarian Society; is a member of the International Union, the only Society on this side of the Atlantic to belong. She expressed the hope that the Calgary Group would be celebrating its tenth anniversary in its own restaurant.

Mr. Rogers, in thanking Miss Kimball for her work as Secretary, said she wrote and sent an average of fifty letters a month, reads all the vegetarian publications, and then gives a digest of them in the Calgary Society bulletin, which edits.

Kenneth McCallum, accompanied at the piano sang several solos.

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