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From The Vegetarian (London) December 12, 1896:

Vegetarian Federal Union

Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Vegetarian Federal Union held November 20th, 1896. Present - The Messrs Hills (in Chair), A. C. Field, W. Becker, J. Oldfield, Wm. Theobald, T. W. Richarsdon, Geo. Jones, Rev. F. Wood, and J. W. Sidley, Madame Viegelé, Miss. C. B. Cole, Mrs. McDouall, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss E. Tegetmeier, and the Secretary.

The minutes of the previous meeting having been read (i.e. October 16th, 1896) and confirmed, the financial statement was read by the HON. TREASURER (Mr. WM. THEOBALD), who explained that owing to want of time there had been no meeting of the Finance Committee. The statement was adopted.

The special appeal circular was again before the Committee, when Mr. HILLS reported that the wishes of the Vegetarian Society having been carried out, he thought it would be well at once to print and circulate the appeal.

Mr. A. C. FIELD proposed, and Mr. J. W. SIDLEY seconded, and it was resolved, "That we print and circulate the special appeal circular as speedily as possible."

It was proposed by Mr. J. W. SIDLEY, seconded by Mr. T. W. RICHARDSON and resolved, "That Secretaries of local societies and vegetarians generally be asked the number of circualrs they will circulate."

A protest and correspondence from the Dutch Vegetarian Society, relating to the insertion in the official organ of the Vegetarian Federal Union, the Vegetarian Review, of an article entitled "Christmas at Johanesburg," having been read, the following resolution was after a protracted discussion adopted. It was proposed by Mr. A. C. FIELD, seconded by Mrs. MCDOUALL, and resolved "That the Commiittee having considered the protest of the Dutch Vegetarian Society, regarding the article in the Vegetarian Review for July and August, entitled 'Christmas at Johanesburgh,' regrets that any article should have been inserted to which exception could be taken."

The SECRETARY reported that the Year Book would probably be issued during the first week of December.

Mr. HILLS stated that in conseqence of Mr. Doremus' resignation, the office of Secretary was vacant, and it was desireable the position should be filled by some one he could trust, and who knew the routine of the office. The matter had caused him some anxious consideration, but he had been helped out of the difficulty by Mr. Oldfield haing offered to fill the post, at the salary Mr. Doremus was now receiving. He proposed that Mr. Oldfield be appointed as Secretary.

Mr. DOREMUS, having pointed out that he had not resigned, but that, owing to financial difficulties, the Committee had dismissed the whole staff of the Vegetarian Federal Union, and therefore he had taken up other duties, discussion followed, during which various opinions were expressed, and it was proposed by Mr. THEOBALD, seconded by Mr.A. C. FIELD, and resolved : "That as the appointment of Secretary to the Union becomes vacant at the end of the year, the Committee recommend the appointment of Mr. Josiah Oldfield, who has expressed his willingness to accept the appointment for a term of one or three years, but before finally arranging with that gentleman, desire to have an expression of opinion upon the question from the affiliated Societies."