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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

From The Vegetarian (London) September 26, 1896:

Vegetarian Federal Union

The Vegetarian Federal Union Committee held its monthly meeting on Wednesday, September 16th, when the following resolutions were passed :

"That the Autumn Congress be held in the Redland Hall, Bristol, on Thursday, October 19th."

The Committee are anxious to have a good muster of the inhabitants of Bristol, and hope all Vegetarians will do their utmost to make the Congress meetings known. The Congress will be open to the public, and it is expected a large number of interesting papers will be read. The Congress will terminate with a conversazione.

"That agents and sub-agents be authorized to act as assistant secretaries to local societies, after application to the Central Office."

It is thought that by permitting agents and sub-agents to act in this manner indicated they will be able to considerably add to their usefulness. The expectation is that struggling local societies will avail themselves of this trained assistance placed at their disposal, and that they will in time be able to do good work unaided.

The Committee decided to hold meetings in May, 1897, in Ramsgate, in celebration of the formation of the Vegetarian Society in thatplace in 1847. The meetings will be in conjunction with the Vegetarian Society. Details will be announced later.