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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

From The Vegetarian (London) March 23, 1895:


The Executive Committee of the V.F.U. sits monthly on the third Friday in each month at 5.30 p.m. as a business meeting, and on the monday preceeding this Friday as an Editorial Committee.

On Monday the 11th inst., the Editorial Committee met. Present :

Mrs. McDouall, Miss Adrienne Veigele, Miss May Yates, Messrs. W. Theobald, J.O. Quinton, J. Hayward, Josiah Oldfield (Editor of The Vegetarian).

They took into consideration seriatim the suggestions made by the representative of the Exeter Society (Mr. J. I. Pengelly) some of which were approved, some considered impossible and some inadvisable, but a general sense of gratitude to Mr. Pengelly was felt for the great care and thought he had given to the matter. Many valuable suggestions were made by different representatives, and promises of more active support by various Societies were given. The result of the meeting was to quicken interest in The Vegetarian, and to press home the responsibilty which now lies with each Society to push its sale and supply it with the latest information and articles on all topics kindred to Vegetarianism.

The Executive Committee met on Friday the 15th inst., Present :

Mr. W. Theobald (Northern Heights), Miss Adrienne Veigele (Punjab), Miss Emma Wardlaw Best (Halifax), Miss Emily E. Cole (Dunfermline), Mrs. McDouall (London), Major Richardson (Exeter), Mr. Henry B. Amos (Redhill), Mr. R. E. O'Callaghan (Agent), Mr. H. Boden (West Ham), Mr. James Hayward (Birmingham), Miss May Yates (America), Mr. Josiah Oldfield (hon. sec.)

BUSINESS DONE : An application was made by the Women's Vegetarian Union for affiliation under special circumstances, but the rules of the Union requiring six months' existence before affiliation can be granted, and giving no liberty to the Executive to deal exeptionally with exceptional cases, it was resolved to summon a general meeting on Friday the 19th inst., to amend the rule so as to give this power. Official notification was given of the formation of the Women's Vegetarian Society ; the Reading Society and the Croydon Society, while a similar notification was given of the decease of the Woolwich Society. The latter subject was referred to the London Vegetarian Association to deal with, and, if possible to reconstitute the Society.

Mr. Doremus was appointed agent of the Northern Province for a period of twelve months. It was resolved not to continue the subagency for Birmingham for the present, as it is considered wise to help each district for awhile, then allow it to work alone for awhile, and then assist again for awhile. A suggestion to offer prizes at flower shows throughout the country next summer was approved, as also the offering of a valuable prize for athletic endurance similar to the Walking race in Germany.