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From The Vegetarian (London) December 1, 1894:


The Congress of the Vegetarian Federal Union at Brighton has been a splendid success. The local arrangements which were in the hands of the local Secretaries (Mrs. King and Mr. Slatter) assisted by the sub-agent of the Union (Mr. Jones) reflect the greatest credit on the care and attention and forethought that must have been extended upon them.

. . . Looking back on previous Congresses of the Union it may well be claimed that Brighton has distinguished itself by the character and importance of the papers and speakers and audience it attracted to consider and discuss the great problems to which Vegetarianism offers a solution.

The president of the Union (Mr. A. F. Hills) presided over the morning conference and in his short presidential address struck a chord which gave the tone to the congress and below which the whole of the subsequent discussions seldom fell.

The room was filled by an influential and representative audience and the press was largely in evidence.


was one by Mr. Verschoor of Rotterdam which brought the good news that a new Vegetarian Association was being formed under the title of the Dutch Vegetarian Association. The Congress unanimously agreed to send a cordial message of welcome and kindness to Mr. Verschoor and an expression of their best wishes for the future cause in Holland.

The next paper was by Mr. Broadbent of Manchester. It delat very ably with the important question of the drink crave and methods by which it should be met, and showed how a wrong diet lay at the root of the evil and how a right dieting was the best method of cure.

This paper gave rise to a very animated discussion. . .

. . . The next paper by the Rev. J. S. Clubb of Philadelphia, dealt with the word "fish" as used in the Bible.

[several more papers]. . . The last paper by Mr. Herron, of Belfast, gave rise to no little opposition and discussion. . .

The Conference then adjourned. A group was formed of about sixteen who were present, and a photograph was taken.

The Congress re-assembled for the afternoon Conference at 3 p.m. when Mr. Isger (Treasurer of the Brighton Society) presided and delivered a short presidential address, and then called for a paper by Mr. Howard Williams. . .

. . . Mr. Maitland followed with a paper which was received in very different ways by different people. . .

[more papers] . . . The next paper was one by Mr. Changanlal Haridas Vora on the subject of Vegetarianism in India.

[more papers] . . In the evening a grand conversazione was held in the Royal Pavillion. The Ex-Mayor) Alderman Ewart, J.P.) taking the chair.

[description of the rest of the evening]

On the Thursday night an imporant public meeting was held at the King's apartments. . . [several talks]

Much literature has been sold at the meetings, and on all sides in Brighton the remark is heard that the Vegetarian meetings have excited the widest interest.

[more public meetings on Friday and Saturday]

The Brighton press was very friendly. A column report appeared in both the Brighton Examiner and in the Sussex Daily News, in addition to numerous shorter notices. . .