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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

From The Vegetarian (London) January 27, 1894:


[the first part of this report dealt with the annual meeting of the London Vegetarian Society]

. . . The Vegetarian Federal Union held their Annual Meeting in the Board Room [of the Memorial Hall], the same afternoon and afterwards took part with the L.V.S. in the Conversazione.

At the latter, the Rev. James Clark, of Manchester gave a most interesting account of his visit to Chicago, describing in a graphic manner the customs of the Americans, also facts connected with the Vegetarian Congress there.

He went on to say that at the age of twenty-two he decided to give up flesh eating and become a Vegetarian, and at this time married a Vegetarian lady. Their family of three sons and three daughters are grown up, splendid specimens of Vegetarians, the sons each standing six feet high, broad shouldered and robust. The Rev. James Clark will doubtless come again to London, for he has made a good and lasting impression on the Vegetarians of the metropolis.

[description of the musical entertainment for both LVS and VFU]

The officers elected for the year 1894, are as follows:-

Vegetarian Federal Union:
Chairman. - A. F. Hills
Treasurer. - Josiah Oldfield
Secretary. - T. A. Hanson

[followed by LVS officers and committee]