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From The Vegetarian (London) November 4, 1893:

The Vegetarian Federal Union

The Autumn Congress of the Vegetarian Federal Union was held in Bolton on Tuesday, October 24th, 1893, and proved very successful.

In the afternoon a Conference was held in the Y.M.C.A. Library, Mr. A. F. Hills presiding. Amongst others present were Miss Yates, Mr. Nayler, President of the Bolton Vegetarian Society, Messrs. C. W. Forward, W. M. Farrington, Sec., Doremus, Turner and Basnett.

A resolution of sympathy with the Hindus re their recent troubles with the Mohommedans anent the sacred cow was passed.

The questions of the formation of local Unions and a Vegetarian emblem were discussed and recmmended to the executive of the Union to work out the details. It is probable these matters will be brought forward at the Annual Meeting of the Union fully developed.

The Vegetarian press was another matter before the meeting, when Mr. Hills stated the title of the Hygeinic Review was to be altered, and generously offered the paper to the Union free of expense, as "The Vegetarian Review," to be issued quarterly. The editroship will be in the hands of Mr. C. W. Forward who will also edit the new magazine entitled "The Merry-Go-Round" which will take the place of the Hygeinic Review.

Letters from absent friends were read by the Hon. Sec., Mr. Doremus.

The following papers were presented to the Congress :
"The Relation of Affiliated Societies to the Vegetarian Federal Union," by Mr. C. W. Forward.
"Women's Work in Vegetarianism," by Miss Yates.
"Hints to Speakers," by Mr. J. S. Herron.
"Making of a Vegetarian," by Mr. J. Nayler.
"The Vegetarian Badge," by Miss E. E. Cole.
"Novelties of Vegetarian Propaganda," by J. M. Gordon.
"Horticultural Development," by E. J. Baillie.

Following the Conference a Fruit Banquet was held in the Vegetarian Restaurant in Melahouse-lane, Bolton, and was well attended. The tables were tastefullt and well laid, and the repast accompanied by conversation was thoroughly appreciated.

A well attended Public Meeting was held in the evening in teh Co-operative hall. Miss Yates, Messrs. Forward, Broadbent, Nayler, Doremus and the Revs. Gibbon and Livens addressed the meeting.

A most cordial vote of thanks was passed to Mr. Hills for presiding, and also to the ladies who kindly enlivened the meeting with music. When the broke up all declared a successfil day had been profitably spent.

Mr. Doremus remains in Bolton where he will hold a week's mission, passing on to Durham, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dundee, and Newcastle.

The papers read at the Congress will appear in the first number of the Vegetarian Review. Copies may be had at 6d. or by post 8d., at the office of the Union, Memorial Hall-buildings, Farringdon-street, London, E.C.