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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

From The Vegetarian (London) September 23, 1893:

The Vegetarian Federal Union

The Executive Committee met on Friday, September 15th, when the following resolutions were passed :

"That as many copies of the Special number of The Hygeinic Review, as the Union chooses up to the value of £20 may be purchased. One Shilling per copy in paper, and Two Shillings-and-sixpence in cloth being allowed. It was decided to publish the Year Book for 1894, Mr. Doremus undertaking to edit the same. The financial statement was read and adopted.

The Committee tendered its best thanks to Miss Yates for the way she managed the Chicago Congress, and the satisfactory manner in which all the details were carried out.

A further sum of £15 6s. was voted to Miss Yates as salary for the five additional weeks she spent in America.

The Hon. Secretary reported that efforts had been made to get in funds for the Union, but that only a small sum had been collected. It was hoped, however, that when the summer holidays were passed there would be a liberal response.

Arrangements for holding the autum Congress at Bolton were being carried out by the local friends, and success was fully anticipated.

Arrangements for holding Missions at Liverpool, Bolton, Glasgow, Dunfermline and Newcastle were reported.

Miss Yates handed in her accounts as to Chicago and they were accepted.

Activity from various parts of the country was mentioned, and helpers were called for. The work is kept well up to date and prospects are fairly bright.

It is hoped that all Vegetarians will assist the Committee by contributing advisory and financial assistance.