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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

From The Vegetarian (London) July 22, 1893:

The Vegetarian Federal Union

The Semi-Annual Meeting of the Vegetarian Federal Union was held in the Board Room of the Memorial Hall, on Satirday, July 15th. Amongst the delegates present were Messrs. Theobald, Mansell, Shone, Hanson, O'Callaghan, Kerr, Forward, and Mr. and Mrs. W. Dorrington Boyle, Lieut-Col. Wintle, Mr. Oldfield (hon. treas.), Mr. F. P. Doremus (hon. sec.), as also Mr. Hills, chairman.

The agenda, which included the minutes of the previous meeting, and a financial statement, contained also the political programme, arrangements for an autumn congress, and other matters relating to the Chicago Congress.

The financial statement disclosed a satisfactory state of affairs. The hon. secretary gave a vrief report of his work, including his impressions resulting from a tour to the Northern Societies. The report was one calculated to encourage all workers. The political programme was after discussion carried amidst very good feeling.

Following the meeting the Executive Committee sat, and Mr. R. E. O'Callaghan was appointed an agent of the Union. We fell sure good should result to the cause from this appointment.

Following the above there was a Garden Party at The Monkhams, Woodford on the invitation of the President, Mr. A. F. Hills.

[ the report continued with details of the garden party]