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From The Vegetarian (London) August 29, 1896:

- Our Jubilee -
BY A. F. HILLS, President Vegetarian Federal Union
Not once, nor twice, in this rough island's story
The path of duty was the path of glory.

The old order changeth, yielding place to new,
Lest one good custom should corrupt the world.

The year 1897 should be made memorable in the annals of Vegetarianism, for it at once commemorates the valour of the pioneering past, and heralds the coming of a holier, happier age. The Jubilee of organized Vegetarianism in England must not be passed by as if it was a matter of small moment. It is true that Vegetarian principles of Vegetarianism are coeval with the race of man - it is true that the hardy peasantries of the world have borne living testimony to this primitive tradition of virtue, through long centuries of health and vigour ; but none the less the Jubilee of the Vegetarian movement in England should be celebrated with special joy and thanksgiving by every Vegetarian Society in the land. The honours of the Jubilee belong primarily to the Vegetarian Society, who have now for fifty years publihsed the good tidings of peace from their offices in Manchester. From these historic honours none will desire to derogate, but during the the last half century the boundaries of Vegetarian propaganda have been enlarged, and it is well that every Vegetarian Society should join with the nonoured Parent Society in making the year 1897 a starting point for renewed consecration and fresh fervour in the faith. The Executive of the Vegetarian Federal Union, which embraces within its organization the Vegetarian Societies of the United Kingdom, has given this question of the celebration of our Jubilee its most careful consideration, and has determined to make a special appeal to every earnest Vegetarian to be up and doing ; and in token of his zeal to contribute gladly to the special Jubilee Fund, of which one fifth of all contributions for the year 1897 will be devoted to the work of the Parent Society, and the remaining four-fifths will be administered for the further establishment and extension of Vegetarian principles throughout the great centres of population.

The Executive desire, if possible, before the close of the Jubilee year, to establish at least one Sociey in every county of England, and where more than one Society may already exist, to combine them into County Vegetarian Associations. Plans are also being prepared for the organization of Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. The immediate necessity of the moment is a sufficiency of funds to justify the appointment of responsible organizing agents, who shall give their whole time and strength to the extension of the movement within the Provinces entrusted to their charge. For such service the sinews of war are imperative. Napoleon the First declared it a maxim of military statecraft "to make war to support war," and Vegetarians may well learn the lesson for their Crusade of Peace. I have not been wont to appeal to the Vegetarian community on the score of finance, but the time has come when the Vegetarian Fedeal Unionbe justified of its friends. The motto of our Jubilee may well be "a long pull, a strong pull, and a pull altogether." A fund is being started in this week's Vegetarian, to which contributions are invited from every friend of the movement. We need the gold of the wealthy, but none the less we shall welcome the lesser offerings of those who shall have done what they could. The benediction of the widow's mite is still rich with blessing for those who love to give, though their means are small ; and better than money is the gift of self ; every moral movement needs its missionaries. I pray God that the prophetic fire of inspiration may be lit during the coming year upon the altar of many a devoted heart, so thatour movement may be salved with that spirit of self-sacrifice which can only say -

"Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small,
Love so amazing so divine,
Demands my life, my soul, my all."
- -