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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

From The Vegetarian (London), October 12, 1889:

Vegetarian Federal Union

TUESDAY, the first inst. [October 1, 1889], was an important day for the Vegetarian body. The constitution of the new federation of Vegetarian Societies was discussed and settled by the assembled delegates of the various Societies. The meeting took place at 3 p.m., in the Board Room of the Memorial Hall, Farringdon-street, E.C. Mr. A. F. Hills, President of the London Society, took the chair. The Societies represented were as follows : Messrs. Axon (Vegetarian Society, Manchester), Clarke (Newcastle V. S.), Birks (Sunderland V. S.), Prof. Mayor and Brown (Cambridge V. S.), Page (Exeter V. S.), Mr. and Mrs. Shawcross (Guildford V. S.), Murdoch (Sheffield V. S.), Long and Read (West Ham V. S.), Mrs. Boult and Mr. S. Young (Northern Heights V. S.), Wood (Portsmouth V. S.), Hanson and Warry (South-East London V. S.), Martin (Nottingham V. S.), Oldfield and Whiting (West London V. S.)

Mr. R. E. O'Callaghan, the hon. sec., reported that all the known Vege-tarian Societies had been invited to the Conference, and had duly replied, excepting the Reading and Natural Living Societies; and that the Societies unrepresented had found it impossible to send delegates on this occasion.

The preliminary Committee was well represented. Among others present were the Rev. W. Mottram, Mrs. Hawkins, Miss Harding, Mr. J. Newton Wood, Mr. C. V. Forward; as also, amongst various friends who take an interest in this new phase of our work, Mr. Boult, Mr. Sullivan, Mr. Pierce (Portsmouth), Miss Miles, Mr. F. Trier, Mrs. James (St. Leonards), and others.

The suggested Constitution, as formulated by the preliminary Committee, was taken clause by clause, and well discussed, and the following was the result

  1. Name.- Its name shall be "THE VEGETARIAN FEDERAL. UNION."

  2. Definition.-It shall be defined as an association of such Vegetarian Societies throughout the world as may be willing to unite together for certain specific purposes hereinafter to be determined.

  3. Officers. - Its Officers shall consist of a Chairman, Vice-Chairmen, Trea-surer, and Secretary, who shall be annually elected by the assembled Delegates by ballot, retiring officers being eligible for re-election.

  4. Election of Delegates. - That all Delegates elected to the Council shall be Vegetarians, and shall be elected in the following manner: Societies of less than 100 Members and Associates, one delegate; 100 Members and Associates, two delegates; 250 Members and Associates, three delegates; 500 Members and Associates, four delegates; 1,000 Members and Associates, and upwards, five delegates. In the event of any Society, which shall be entitled to send two or more delegates, not being able to send the full number, the absent delegates may give their proxies to the delegate or delegates present on behalf of that Society.

  5. Function. - The function of the Vegetarian Federal Union shall be primarily that of uniting in one common family all those who are in sympathy with the principles and work of Vegetarianism, by receiving and considering the reports of the affiliated Societies as to the work done and advances made during the past session, and giving advice as it shall think good in each case; discussing questions, and consulting as to the best mode of further spread-ing Vegetarianism.

  6. Meetings. - The Vegetarian Federal Union shall meet not less than once in every six months, and more often if found to he necessary, at a suitable centre to be determined upon from time to time.
    The Vegetarian Federal Union shall not be called upon to pay the expenses of the several delegates attending its meetings. All expenses in connexion with its work shall be defrayed by voluntary contributions on the part of the associated Societies.

In the election of officers for the ensuing year, Mr. A. F. Hills (President of the London V. S.), was elected Chairman; Prof. Mayor (Cambridge V. S.), and Mr. W. E. A. Axon (Vegetarian Society, Manchester), vice-Chairmen; Mr. Josiah Oldfield, M.A., B.C.L. (West London V. S.), hon. treasurer and Mr. R. E. O'Callaghan. hon. sec.

It was determined to hold the next meeting, to inaugurate the work of Vegetarian Federal Union, at Manchester, on the 21st inst. We give a copy of the agenda :

  1. The work of the Federal Union in the immediate future.
  2. The best methods of Missionary Propaganda.
  3. The literature of the several Societies of the Union.
  4. The International Conference of 1890 (London)
  5. General suggestions of Associated Societies.

After the Conference a number of the members and friends met the delegates at an invitation dinner, at the 'Central' restaurant, 18, St.Bridestreet, the serving and appointments of which reflected the greatest credit upon Mssrs.Castle and Roscoe, and all concerned.

The day's proceedings closed with a Conversazione of the members and friends in the Library, some four hundred persons being present. A capital programme of vocal and instrumental music, interspersed with recitations, was gone through ; and, if we are capable of reading faces, the unanimous feeling was that of satisfaction.