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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911

Notes from Australia, 1891

The October 3, 1891, issue of The Vegetarian contained VFU notes written by the treasurer. He mentions Australia for the first time:

From Australia constantly come cheering reports from our old friend Mr. Newton Wood, whose wife has now gone out to him, so that he has settled down as a sort of household pillar in the growing district of Mildura, with its promising wealth of every kind of fruit in luxuriant plenty. Mr. Wood is axious to start a colonial edition of The Vegetarian, so that if this proves to be feasible we shall have an immense link of communion between Victoria and England. Just this morning too there comes a letter from New South Wales with a card, charmingly got up, of rules, officers etc.

Mr Lawson (the Secretary) writes from 14, Goodhope-street, Paddington, Sydney :

"Permit me to ask the insertion of this letter in your next issue, in the hopes that if any of your readers should come to the Colony, or if they know of others here who practise Vegetarianism they will infom me, for I should be pleased to hear from such with the view of their becoming members of our newly formed New South Wales Vegetarian Society, a copy of the rules of which I send herewith.

I am glad to notice the increased interest being taken in London on the subject of Food reform as shown by the meetings announced in your paper. In one sense you have a great advantage over us in advocating Vegetarianism, namely, 'The economic view,' we cannot advocate that, as mutton is sold here retail from 1d per lb., and it is seldom that legs of mutton are over 3d per lb.

Might I suggest that it would be better to insert 'London' with the date on the front page as you cannot tell where the paper may go to?"

This will be another star on the banner of the Federal Union, and from the whole tone of Mr. Lawton's letter and the style of his enclosures it looks as if this new Society intends work.

The December 26, 1891, issue of The Vegetarian contained a very long and detailed report from the Vegetarian Society of Victoria, entitled 'How they carry on the work at Melbourne, Victoria, Australia'.