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Reports from The Vegetarian (London) during, 1902:

May 16, 1903:


[details of the congress, June 17-19, followed. Many of the events were those of the LVA.]

June 13, 1903:


We beg to inform our readers that June 27th will be the last appearance of "The Vegetarian" in its present form. It will appear monthly in future instead of weekly.
Further particulars will be duly announced.

June 27, 1903:

The June Congress

[reports of the congress followed, it was attended by "friends from may parts of England"]

... the presence, in good health and spirits, of the President, Mr. Arnold Hills, who seemed to be emerging from his acute business difficulties of the past two years. ...

V.F.U Annual Meeting

In the afternoon the Vegetarian Federal Union held its annual meeting. A lengthened note, written by the President, was read by Mr. Lawson Coad, the promising son of the veteran Richard Coad, of the United Kingdom Alliance, who was also present. It said that the past year had been a fallow one in the absence of funds and through the resignation of the Secretary, Mr. Phillips. Mr. Hills urged that the Central Union should get into touch with every individual Vegetarian, pleaded for the "sinews of war," and suggested the adoption by the Union of the new monthly issue of the Vegetarian as its monthly organ. This suggestion, at a later stage, was adopted, Mr. Hills giving a guarantee against loss until the end of the year.

Miss Nicholson, who has added the duties of Secretary to those of the L.V.A., read a report referring to the Branch Societies throughout England, and Mr. Hanson, Treasurer, gleefully presented a financial statement, showing that the year's receipts, £638, had removed all the debt and left a balance of £6 in hand.

The officers were subsequently re-elected, commendatory speeches being made by a lady from Bournemouth, Mr. Brewster of West Ham, Mr. H. J. Godbolt, Mr. Hanson, and Mrs. F. L. Boult. The possibility was hinted of a combination of the Vegetarian and the Vegetarian Messenger.

Before leaving for Manchester, the Rev. J. Clark made another graceful speech in relation to Mr. Hills, and Mrs. Leigh Hunt Wallace moved a special vote of thanks to the President for all his generosity and service in the past. This was cordially agreed to and gratefully acknowledged by Mr. Hills.

September, 1903:


[Notices followed inviting individuals or societies to become members or associates of 'the Vegetarian Federal Union ot the London Vegetarian Association' - no method of selecting either group was given. The name at the bottom was 'Miss F. I. Nicholson, Secretary, VFU, or the LVA...']

November 1903:


It will interest our readers to know that the "Vegetarian" in its present style will cease with the December issue. Our January number, which will be ready before Christmas, will be in a form better suited to the requirements of a monthly magazine than in the size in which it now appears.

Our new series will contain 32 pages Royal 8vo. in coloured cover, and sell at the old popular price of one penny. Full particulars concerning business arrangements and literary details will apear in our December issue.

Important notice to our readers

The first number of the new series of the "Vegetarian" will be issued on December 19th, 1903, price one penny. Eeveryone interested in health, humaneness, thrift and happiness, should become a subscriber. The "Vegetarian" in future will consist of 28pp., in a coloured cover, and will include articles by the best writers on all subjects of interest to Vegetarians, Food Reformers, and the thinking public. The annual subscription is 2s. post free.