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Reports from The Vegetarian (London) during, 1902:

April 26, 1902:


The usual monthly meeting of the V.F.U. was held on Friday, April18th, and was well attended, only two or three members being absent.
Mr. Beech Thomas was voted to the chair at the commencement of the meeting, Mr. Hills taking the chair later on.
The Secretary read the minutes of the previous meeting which were confirmed.
Letters of resignation were read from Miss C. B. Cole, representing the Brighton Society ; and Col. Ruchardson, representing the Devon Society. The following letter, from Mr. A. F. Hills, in reply to a request passed at previous meeting : "That in hte interest of the Vegetarian movement, Mr. Hills be requested to withdraw his resignation as President until the annual meeting in June," was then read. Mr. Hills wrote as follows :-

Monkhams, Woodford,
March 29th,

Dear Mr. Phillips, - I beg to acknowledge receipt of the resolution of the Committee of the V.F.U., asking me to withdraw my resignation of the Presidency till the annual meeting. This I shall be willing to do upon the following conditions :-
1. That the Committee undertake to place upon the agenda of the annual meeting a resolution for the recission of the motion passed at the last general meeting, which involved the resignation of the Presidency.
2. That the resolutions placed upon the agenda but not discussed, be replaced on the agenda for consideration at the annual meeting.
It must be understood that I reserve to myself entire freedom of action as far as the decision of the annual meeting is concerned.

Yours faithfully
A . F. Hills

This was agreed to, and carried by a large majority. Mr. Hills was informed of the Committee's decision, and shortly after entered the room and thanked the committee for their resolution, and resumed his position as chairman. Mr. Phillips, who, during the past month, had acted as hon. secretary, was then unanimously re-elected Secretary of the Union.
The balance sheet was presented, showing that the whole of the liabilities were now cleared off. That the working expenses of the Union were reduced one half, and that if friends and subscribers willcontinue their support of the V.F.U. the future is full of hope and promise for the spread of Vegetarianism in every direction.
The following arrangements for the Congress were then passed:-
That the Congress be held on June 18th, 19th and 20th ; to commence Wednesday, June 18th with a Coronation dinner at the Victoria Cafe, tickets 2/6, to be obtained from Miss F. I.Nicholson, Secretary L.V.A., and the Secretary of the V.F.U., Memorial Hall. Tickets now ready.
On Thursday morning, at 11, the subject for discussion will be, "The Press, and its Influence upon Vegetarianism." That Mr. Newcombe be asked to open the question, and the following, among others, be invited to take part :- Miss Ethel Springett, Miss Watts Phillips, Mr. Beech Thomas, Mr. Harvey Begbie, Mr. Ernest Bell, Mr. Salt, Bernard Shaw, Howard Crosbie, Lady Harberton, Count Icherhoff, Bramwell Booth, H. B. Master, Mr. Green (Peace Society), Percy Alden (Echo), and others.
Second: "The Hospital and Medical Aspect of Vegetarianism." That Mr. Haig be asked to open the discussion, and the following invited to take part:- Dr. Higgins, Dr. Hadwen, Dr. Black, Dr. Odsen, of Battle Creek, Dr. Fleetwood Taylor, Mr. Spring (Gloucester), Lady Henley, and Mr. Brace, of St. Francis. Thirsday afternoon - Subject, "The Athletic and Physical Culture side of Vegetarianism." To be opened bu Mr. Eustace Miles, and the following be invited to take part : Miss Anstey, Miss Allen Hunter, Mrs. Leigh Hunt Wallace, Louie Freer, Dr. Dice Brown, Sandow, Apollo, Mr. Olley (cycling champion), Gadebusch (the champion Vegetarian oarsman of Germany), Karl Mann, and other well known athletes.
Friday morning - Annual Meeting of the V.F.U. and Revision of Rules.
Friday Evening - a Grand Reception and Experience Meeting, to which working men Vegetarians from Thames Ironworks and various industrial centres of England be invited to attend and speak.
No special trips will be arranged for this Congress, as friends and visitors prefer to be left free for the Thursday evening.
It was also decided that the Exhibition of Foods and Specialities be held in December.
Miss Ethel Springett and Miss Florence Nicholson have kindly undertaken to continue the Press work of the V.F.U., which has been so valuable in the past.
Hy. Phillips

June 28, 1902:

[detailed reports about the 1902 Congress, held in London as usual, with slightly more comments about overseas visitors than usual]

V.F.U. Annual Meeting

On Friday afternoon delegates from the Societies affiliated to the Federal Union assembled in the Board Room of the Memorial Hall, with other friends of the movement. After the roll call, some minutes were spent in silent prayer, after which the records of the last annual meeting and a special general meeting in March were read and confirmed. Special mention was made of the 83rd birthday of Mr. Hanson, who was present.
Mr. Arnold Hills, who presided, introduced a proposal to give the President a provisional veto on the action of the Committee, if he thought it injurious to the welfare of the Federal Union, until it could be discussed by a General Meeting. While in South Africa last autumn, the Committe had given notice of dismissal to the officers, and disturbed the winter's arrangements. If the motion were not carried, he would be unable to continue in the post of President.
A lengthy discussion followed, in which opposition to the proposal was led by Mr. Pengelly, Lieut.-Col. Richardson, and Mr. Forward, who held it to be undemocratic. Mr. Theobald, Mr. Lawson Coad, Mr. Long, Mr. Light and others held it to be truly democratic to refer important action to the largest representation of affiliated Societies.
Mr. Hills, in replying, held out the olive branch, and suggested that the "irreconcilables" should try the plan for a year. Ultimately, the delegates alone voting, his proposal was carried by 19 votes to 2.
A second resolution was introduced, providing that so long as Mr. Hills guaranteed the officials salaries he should have the power of appointment and dismissal, subject to the assent of the Committee.
Mr. Forward held this to be a corollary of the first, and moved its adoption. It was carried unanimously, both principles being referred to the Committee for revision of rules.
It was also suggested that the Federal Union might receive subscriptions from individuals as well as societies, and give them some representation, in order that funds might be raised and the interests of those who live in out of the way places be catered for. Ultimately ther matter was referred to the Committee.
The officers for the year were then appointed. Mr. A .F. Hills, President ; Mr. Lawson Coad as Hon. Solicitor ; Messrs Sargent & Co., auditors. The finding of a Treasurer was left to the Committee.
Mr. H. Phillips, the Secretary, whose courtesy others besides the press paid tribute, read his report for the year. Meetings have been held in many towns. Acknowledgement was made of the services rendered by the Cycling Club, the English and German walkers, the Press Department, the Cooking Demonstrations and Children's Dinners of the L.V.A., the Manchester Society's work and the lectures by the Northern Heights. The work of kindred societies and allies, such as the Danielites, the Humanitarian League, the Hospital Work, the Order of the Golden Age, the Physical Regeneration Society, and the Order of Good Health have all helped to bring about the changed attitude in the minds of every class of people towards Vegetarianism.
The balance sheet, read by the chairman, showed an expenditure during the year exceeding £1,100.
The report and financial statement were adopted, and after a three hours' session the meeting concluded.

September 13, 1902:


[notes about the resignation of Mr. H. Phillips as VFU Secretary, in order to take up a post with CETS - Church of England Temperance Society - replaced by Miss F.I. Nicholson.who was also secretary of LVA.]