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Reports from The Vegetarian (London) during, 1900:

July 21, 1900:


Now that the Congress is over, the next thing to work for is a strong progressive campaign for the winter. We hope to arrange meetings in the afternoon and evening in the following towns: - Derby, Ipswich, Horsham, Bedford, Norwich, Cambridge, Gloucester, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth, Leicester, Nottingham, Bradford, Northampton, Reading, Coventry, Southport (twice), Liverpool (twice), Birmingham (twice), Worcester, Sheffield, Leeds, York, Scarborough, Wales, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dunfermline, Bath, Bristol, Malvern, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton, Weston-super-Mare, Newcastle.

Many of these towns have societies, and in some we propose starting new societies.

Appended is a list of titles of my new lectures for the coming winter. My Committee will be greatly obliged if secretaries of local societies will write as soon as possible for vacant dates. The best method of propaganda work is the arranging of a drawing-room or small meeting for ladies in the afternoon, followed by a little tea and light refreshment, and a good public meeting in the evening. We shall be pleased to assist in arranging these meetings so far as we possibly can, but local details must be left in the hands of our local friends. I shall be glad to hear from any friends as early as possible, as to fixing dates for meetings. The following is my list of lectures:-

  1. - Health and Wealth to all.
  2. - Death to Disease and Pain, perfectly possible.
  3. - Fullness of Life possible for all.
  4. - Life, Love and Liberty for all.
  5. - The Revolt of Womanhood ; or Social Slavery.
  6. - Feeding on Flesh. A Fashionable Fallacy.
  7. - Diet and the Drink Crave ; or Fruit and Freedom.
  8. - There shall be no more Death.
  9. - A Life without Poverty and Pain, possible for all.
  10. - Vegetarianism Victorious.
  11. - True Sources of England's Greatness.
  12. - The Healing of the Nations.
  13. - A pure Diet, a pure Life, and perfect Happiness possible for all.
  14. - Merrie England and how to make it so.
  15. - A little Child shall lead them.

Each of these lectures shews the true Christian ans scientific way to get rid of Pain and Poverty, and how to lead a perfectly Healthy, Happy Life.

Memorial Hall - HARRY PHILLIPS


Vegetarian Federal Union

The monthly Committee Meeting of The Vegetarian Federal Union was held on Friday, the 20th. Present, Mesdames C. L. H. Wallace, C. B. Cole, F. I. Nicholson and Messieurs Emary, Jones, Douglas Kerr, Brewster, Cambridge and J. Naylor. Mr. Hills was unavoidably detained at the Temperance Council, and Mr. Emary took the chair in his absence. The Minutes of the previous meeting were read and confirmed. Mr. Phillips read a letter which he proposed to send each month to every member of the V.F.U. together with a list of the best foods and how they can be obtained, and the price list also a full list of literature published in connection with the Vegetarian movement. The Monthly Financial Statement was read and aodpted. Two interesting letters were read, from Mr. Eustace Miles, of America, and Mr. Clubb, the latter nominating Dr. Kress as representative to the V.F.U. Mr. Phillips reported on the Paris Congress with the Financial Statement, showing a net loss of £3 6s. only on the whole Congress. He also mentioned his work in connection with the Church of England Men's Society. In connection with the winter's work the Secretary quoted thirty-five towns at which meetings had already been arranged, and others in negotiation for the coming winter. Mr. Jones reported successful arrangements he had made during the last fortnight at the following towns : Gloucester, Bath, Malvern, Sheffield, York and Scarborough. Mr. Wade's report from Wales was read and received ; also a report by Miss Cole with reference to the three days' work at the Stall kindly undertaken by Mr. Newcombe and herself at the Christian Endeavour Convention at the Alexandra Palace, which was very successful. The question of summer holidays for the staff was discussed. The Committee adjourned until the third Friday in September. - H. PHILLIPS

September 8, 1900:


[Detailed report of Mr. Phillips' activities....]

September 15, 1900:


[Detailed report of Mr. Phillips' activities....]

October 6, 1900:


Present:- Mrs. C. B. Cole, Miss Nicholson, Miss Springett, Mrs. Leigh Hunt Wallace, Miss Yates ; Dr. Oldfield, Messrs. Brewster, Cambridge, Naylor, Newcombe, Emary, H. Kerr, and Major Richardson.

Letters of apology were read from Mr. Hills and others who were out of town and unable to attend.
Minutes of previous meetings were read and confirmed. The Secretary was requested in case of the absence of both Delegates to send one a note of the proceedings of the Commitee.
On the question of a monthly letter to members being mentioned, the Committee did not see its way at present to incur the expense.
The financial statement for July was read and adopted. Proposed by Dr. Oldfield and seconded by Major Richardson.
The Financial Statement for August was read and adopted. Proposed by Dr. Oldfield and seconded by Major Richardson.
The bank deposit was mentioned as being paid into the Account by the bank in error. The Secretary was instructed to write to Ireland for an account of the grant promised to them. The Secretary asked for instructions to send Mr. Pengelly a list of visitors to the Paris Congress. Instructions given.
A letter was read from Mr. Fontenay of Paris, asking for brief sketches of the principal visitors to Paris, and the Secretary had answered him to the effect that it would be best to obtain such notes from the friends themselves ; which was approved by the Committee.
The Secretary reported on visits to Bradford, Leeds, Derby, Malvern, Leicester and Nottingham, where successful meetings had been held ; he also gave notice of his mission in Wales.
The Committee resolved that the stay of the Secretary in any town be extended at his discretion. Proposed by Major Richardson and seconded by Miss Yates.
The Report of the Press Commitee was read, in which the Honorary Secretary complained of the difficulty of getting Press cuttings. It was decided to continue to subscribe to Messrs. Brown's agency. Proposed by ajor Richardson and seconded by Miss Springett, that a leaflet be printed, giving a list of coming Vegetarian meetings and an invitation to those interested in Food Reform, in those districts.
The Secretary asked for instructions to see the Editor of the Vegetarian in reference to the insertion of reports of meetings the week following the meeting.
It was suggested that the Editor of the Vegetarian be asked to send someone to Dr. Wilson's meetings.
Dr. Oldfield stated that his duty in camp was that of examining the meat supplied and that he did his examination most thoroughly. He found the slaughter-house and dissecting room very similar.
Miss Springett mentioned a hotel at Droitwich where she had been charged half the tariff for Vegetarian Diet, as against meat diet.
Major Richardson siad that while on duty at camp his mess bill was higher because he was a Vegetarian.
Meeting closed at seven o'clock.


December 1, 1900:


The monthly committee meeting was held on Friday, Nov. 16th. The members present were Mesdames C. Leigh Hunt Wallace, Nicholson, C B Cole, Yates ; Messrs. Emary, Newcombe, Nayler, Douglas Kerr, and Major Richardson.

Mr. Newcombe was elected chairman. A letter was read from Miss Springett, apologising for her absence, and submitting her report. Correspondence was read in connection with Mr. Wade. The sub-committee appointed to consider the agreement proposed by Mr. Hills between the Union and country secretaries, presented their report. The Secretary was requested to advertise the prize offered for the pamphlet on Vegetarianism in the Vegetarian papers, and also the Temperance papers. The pamphlet to be twice the size of the epitome, and to be sent in before theend of February ; the title to be fixed by the Press Committee.

The auditors' financial statement for October was presented and adopted. The Secretary reported on meetings at Birmingham, Oswestry, Hereford, Aylebury and Bouremouth. He strongly urged that in future at least three days' mission should be arranged instead of a lecture on one evening, as it was costly both to the V.F.U. and to the country society. Mr. Jones reported meetings held at Newmarket and Felistowe, and also submitted a list of future meetings. The Secretary stated that 140 societies in different parts of the world had been applied to for reports, that they might be included in the annual report of the V.F.U. He regretted the delay of English societies in sending their reports, and takes this opportunity of asking any secretaries who read this notice, to kindly send their reports as soon as possible. After, on some discussion on country societies, it was suggested with reference to the ideal state of country societies, that they should be assisted to arrange at least monthly meetings. The annual subscription was voted to the Vegetarian Cycling Club. The meeting closed in the usual manner.