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Reports from The Vegetarian (London) during, 1897:

March 6th, 1897:

The Vegetarian Federal Union

The General Meeting (Quarterly) of the Vegetarian Federal Union met in the Memorial Hall on Friday, 19th inst. Present - Messrs. Barlow and Becker, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss C. B. Cole, Messrs. Doremus, McDouall, Mr. O'Callaghan, Major Richardson, Madame Viegele, and Mr. A. F. Hills (in the chair). The Executive Committee was elected, consisting of the Misses Cole, Mrs McDouall, Messrs. Doremus, Forward, G. Jones, and Richardson. It was decided to hold the next Quarterly Meeting in Ramsgate. Mr. A. C. Field was elected Treasurer for 1897. It was resolved to put upon the agenda for the semi-annual meeting that to rule II. be added:-

"That 5/- shall be the minimum annual subscription of each Society of the Union."

General instructions were given to proceed with the Vegetarian Badge, and a general approval was given to the agenda and arrangements for the International Congress.

March 13th, 1897:

Jubilee Fund

[JointAppeal of the Vegetarian Federal Union and the Vegetarian Society, commencing December 1st, 1896. All donations to this fund for celebrating the Vegetarian Society's Jubilee will be divided between the Vegetarian Society and the Vegetarian Federal Union. Donations should be sent to

The Secretary, Vegetarian Federal Union, Memorial Hall, Farringdon Street, E.C.
The Secretary, The Vegetarian Society, 9, Peter Streer, Manchester.]

[a list of individual donations followed, totalling £178 11s 6d]

March 27th, 1897 - as above, total now £191 2s 6d

April 3rd, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT. - At the meeting on the 19th March, the following were present: Mrs. McDouall, Miss E. E. Cole, Mis C. B. Cole, Mr. George Jones, Major Richardson, Mr. F. P. Doremus, Mr. C. W. Forward, Mr A. C. Field (treasurer) and the secretary.
The minutes of the General Committee of the 19th February were read.
The question of the May meetings at Ramsgate were considered.
The office rent was discussed and an offer ordered to be made.
The Memorial Hall estimate for Congress meetings was considered.
The monthly financial statement was read, and it was ordered that a clear statement of the Jubilee Fund should be prepared and laid before the next committee.
It was decided that the next committee meeting should be held on Friday, April 23rd.
The appointment of agent for South Wales was discussed and the matter was postponed.
A grant of literature for India up to the value of £1 was made.
The remainder of business on the agenda was adjourned to the next meeting.

June 19th, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT.- The General Committee was summoned to meet at Ramsgate at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 1st. The following were present : Mrs. McDouall, Mr. Hanson, Major Richardson, Mr. Forward, Mr. Hills, and the Secretary ; also as visitors, Mr. Axon and Mr. Tongue.
There not being a quorum present, the Chairman ruled it an Executive Committee.
It was decided that notice be given that a portion of the Central Offices be partitioned off as a house of call for country members.
The Rev. Francis Wood was elected to the Executive Committee.
The date of the International Congress was changed from August 2nd and 18th to September 13th and 18th.
The date for the Semi-Annual Meeting of the General Council was fixed for Friday, July 23rd, at 3 p.m., and to be purely of a business character.
Decided to hold the next General Committee meeting at Manchester in October.
Mr. Taylor's mission van scheme was considered, and referred to the October meeting. Mrs. Boult's postal mission was also considered.
Several letters and the Agents' reports were rea, as was also the Secretary's report.


The Committee of the Vegetarian Federal Union will be glad for Vegetarian visitors to London to make use of the part of the office which has been partitioned off for that purpose. A table is provided for writing letters, and friends may make appointments to meet there. Visitors will be gladly welcomed during office hours, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

July 3rd, updated September 18th 1897:

Vegetarian Badge

At last the long-looked-for Badge has appeared, and is most welcome. Great care and much thought have been taken by the Vegetarian Federal Union to select a Badge that should be appreciated by all ; to this end a Special Committee was appointed, and after the most careful consideration the present Badge has been adopted by the Union for the use of all Vegetarians throughout the world.

The Badge is very pretty, artistic in design and appropriate ; it is made in enamel of red, blue, and gold is of convenient size and has been produced in two forms, as a pendant and as a pin or brooch.

It is in the form of a shield, in the centre of which the letter V represents the initial letter of Vegetarianism in most modern languages and also in Latin. On the band round the edge are the words nature, humanity, science, which have been translated into Latin so that the Badge may be an universal one, and can be worn in all lands.

It is to be hoped that every Vegetarian will wear the badge in order to bring the subject as prominently forward as possible, to establish a bond of good fellowship and to enable Vegetarians to recognize one another at once in public meetings or among chance acquaintances. Lecturers will also find it of use and could use the three words upon it as a splendid text from which to speak.

The Vegetarian Federal Union maybe congratulated upon its adoption, and upon supplying so long-existing a want in such an excellent manner.

12 Badges will be sent post free for 9/-, Single Badges, post free 1/-, or in Bronze 2/-, Silver 3/6, Gold 13/6.

The Badge may be obtained from the Secretaries of local Societies ; from the Vegetarian Society, 9, Peter Street, Manchester ; or for one shilling, post free, from the Secretary, Vegetarian Federal Union, 16, Farringdon Street, E.C.

N.B. Every Secretary should purchase One Dozen Badges for 9/-, and sell them to Members, and thus make a profit for his Society of 3/-.


August 7th, 1897:

General Council

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT.- of semi-annual meeting held on Friday, July 23rd, at 3 p.m., in the Central Offices. Present:- Mr. A. F. Hills (President), Mr. T. J. Barlow (West Ham V.S.), Miss E. E. Cole (Dunfermline V.S.), Miss C. B. Cole, Mr. A. C. Field, Miss Tegetmeier (London V.S.), Miss Yates (American V.S.), Mdlle. Veigele, Mrs. Anstead Wood (Women's V.U.), Mr. W. Becker (German V.U.), Major Richardson (Exeter V.S.) also Mr. O'Callaghan (agent), and the following visitors : Mr. F. P. Doremus, Miss Hopper and Mrs. Clifford.

The minutes of the last annual meeting (January 22nd) were read and confirmed.
The half yearly audited balance sheet was read and adopted.

The following alterations and additions to rules were adopted ; (a) Quorum of General Committee reduced to five, and that of Executive reduced to three. (b) To add to Rule 11 at the end of the first paragraph "Five shillings shall however be the minimum annual subscription." (c) New rule : "The General Meetings of the Union shall be commenced by five minutes silence for meditation and prayer."

A proposal to issue the centre of the new Badge as a smaller one for those who prefer it was lost, the votes being equal.
Agents reports were read and adopted.

General Committee

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of the meeting held in the Central Offices on Friday, July 23rd, after semi-annual meeting. Present ; Mr. A. F. Hills, Miss Yates, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss C. B. Cole, Mr. W. Becker, Major Richardson and Mr. George Jones, also Mr. A. C. Field (treasurer), and Mr. O'Callaghan (agent).

Resolved, that the summaries of Executive Meetings as published in the Vegetarian be presented at each General Committee.
Resolved, that the Editor of the Vegetarian Review be again asked to publish Professor Mayor's prayer.
The monthly financial statement was read and adopted.
Resolved, that literature being supplied to our agents at trade price, the profits they thus make shall be their own.
Decided to send delegates to the Leeds Sanitary Congress.
The high price (7s 6d) of the Congress dinner tickets (Crystal Palace) was discussed. Decided, if it can be arranged, to alter it.
Resolved, that none but delegates and representatives be eligible for appointment on committees or sub-committees of the Union.
Resolved, that the Executive be summoned as often as necessary to deal with Congress matters, till Congress is over.
Prices to be obtained for single copies of the new badge in bronze, silver and gold.
Decided, that bound volumes of the Vegetarian be sent as first prize to Horticultural Societies that have applied in response to our offer ; the Hygienic Review as second prize.

August 21st, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of special meeting held on Friday, August 6th. Present: Rev. Francis Wood, Miss E. E. Cole, Mr. A. C. Field, Mr. George Jones, Major Richardson, and Miss Yates in consultation.

The 7s 6d dinner at the Palace for September 16th altered to a 4s lunch.
Three special circulars suggested by Miss Yates were adopted.
Sub-Committee on Congress papers reported.
Decided to have a cycle handicap by the V.C.C. if this can be arranged. Also other athletic contests.
Resolved - To ask Mr. Hills to transfer the balance of his former guarantee (£75) re Palace dinner, to the whole Congress.
Decided that tickets for the Congress Conversazione be 1s each.
Resolved - That the 5s Congress Ticket shall entitle holder, in addition to privileges already arranged, to a rail and admission ticket to the Palace (September 16th), and a lunch ticket at half price if purchased before September 11th.
Resolved - to arrange a Public Demonstration and Concert at the Palace, all speakers and singers taking part to be strict Vegetarians.
Resolved - That one meeting during Congress week be set apart for Vegetarians only.

Terms having been arranged, it was decided to supply the Badge to order, in bronze at 2s., in silver at 3s 6d., and in gold 13s. 6d.

August 28th, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of Special Meeting held on Friday, August 13th. Present: Rev. Francis Wood, Miss E. E. Cole, Mr. George Jones, Mr. C. W. Forward, and the Secretary, also Miss Yates in consultation.

Letter read from Major Richardson resigning from the Comittee on account of his position helping Mr. Oldfield. Accepted.
Report presented of official visit to Crystal Palace Co. and Bertram & Co. re Sept. 16th.
Resolved - That the Theatre be taken for a meeting at 7 p.m., and that 10,000 handbills be printed by Evans & Co.
List of names suggested as a help to form the Vegetarian Choir for the Palace meeting, was read, and Secretary instructed to write to them.
The Luncheon to be at 2.30 p.m., or at later time if found more convenient, at Secretary's discretion.
Steward to be appointed to take charge of visitors at the luncheon. The Committee to arrange their seats. The Committee to meet on the Friday before the Congress.
Resolved - That all papers for Congress to be gone through by the staff, who shall if necessary report to the Committee.
Resolved - That August 31st be last date for receiving papers. That they be classified and of a kindred character at each session.
Resolved - unanimously, that Mr. Hills be asked to be President of Congress and give a Presidential address.
Resolved - That the meeting for Vegetarians only be "Social and Experience," and managed by Major Richardson.
Conversazione to commence at 7.30. "Evening dress" optional.
A suggestion to have manufactures going on at the Exhibits was agreed to if without expense.
It was decided to send a note to Secretaries of Societies asking for loan of suitable objects.
It was decided to arrange for sale of literature, badges, and photos of Vegetarians at the Crystal Palace on Sept 16th.
Resolved to purchase and frame a copy of the Vegetarian Cycling Club photo, to be hng in the Office.

Correction. - We regret that in our report of the meeting of Aug. 6th we ommitted the name of Miss C. B. Cole who was present at that meeting.

September 4th, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of monthly meeting held on Friday, August 20th. Present: Mr. Field, Mr. Forward, Mr. Jones, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss C. B. Cole, Rev. F. Wood, the Secretary, Miss Yates (in consultation), and Mr. O'Callaghan (Agent).

Minutes were read and confirmed.
Mr. Hills accepted the position of President of the Congress.
The monthly Financial Statement was read and adopted.
Resolved - That money paid for office assistance, now put down as Petty Cash, be entered on the Balalnce Sheet as a separate item.
A letter was read from the Ideal Publishing Union settling the question of last year's rent of the Vegetarian Federal Union Offfices.
A Financial Statement of the Burslem meeting was read, which showed that Mr. Furnival is nearly £40 out of pocket by it.
Resolved - That we make a grant towards this deficit, if the Vegetarian Society will give an equal amount, not exceeding £5, and also that we send to Mr. Furnival the Committee's deep appreciation of the work he so ably and unselfishly carried out.
An arrangement was agreed to with Mr. O'Callaghan, by which he is allowed to spend half his petty cash allowance on an office an requisites.
Resolved - That the Congress shall commence at 3 p.m. by the opening of the exhibition, at 4.30 the reception of members and delegates, at 5 p.m. the President's address.
The Congress Papers Sub-Committee was disbanded that the whole Executive should deal with the entire Congress.
Mr. Hills, in reply to the Committee's letter, offers to meet a guarantee with an equal amount up to £25 if a "Congress Fund" is opened.
An offer by Miss Yates to demonstrate with an aerial graphoscope was accepted with thanks.
Resolved - That £5 be spent in advertisements of the Congress.
Resolved - That the suggestion to frame and hang photos of Vegetarians on the office walls be approved.
Resolved - That Mr. Hills' offer to place the services of Mr. Field at our disposal for two or three months without expense to the Vegetarian Federal Union, be accepted with thanks, and that Mr. Field be appointed on the assistant staff for two months.
The Secretary reported that he had communicated with all the Ambassadors etc., re Congress Exhibits, and received much encouragement in the official replies.
Resolved - That the Social and Experience meeting for Vegetarians only be held on the Tuesday evening at 6 p.m.

October 2nd, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of Special Meeting held on Friday, August 27th. Present : Mr. Geo. Jones, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss C. B. Cole, Rev. F. Wood, the Secretary, and Miss Yates.

The minutes were read for information.
It was reported that 161 Badges are sold, and 135 are out on sale.
Information having been sent to the effect that if we have a meeting in the Crystal Palace Theatre it will be gretaly interfered with by the noise outside, the question was discussed, and it was finally ruled that as there is no resolution to the contrary, the meeting is to be held in the Theatre as previously decided.
Resolved - That all members of the General Committee including alternatives, be appointed to act as Stewards of the Congress, and especially to support the President at the opening.
Resolved - That ribbon badges be obtained for the Stewards to wear.
It was decided the seats around the President's table, at the Congress, be set apart for members of the Committee and Presidents of Societies.
Resolved - That the Badge be advertised every week, with the block, in the Vegetarian, and also in the Vegetarian Review, as our official organs.
It was decided that the choir have a rehearsal at Hygeia House, according to Mrs. Wallace's offer, on Tuesday, September 7th.

October 9th, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of a special meeting held on Friday, September 10th. Present: Mr. C. W. Forward, Mrs. McDouall, Mr. Geo. Jones, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss C. B. Cole, Rev. Francis Wood, and the Secretary, also Miss Yates in consultation.

Resolved unanimously that non-Vegetarians be invited to speak at the Crystal Palace luncheon. The Committee then selected names to be invited.
Resolved - That final arrangements be left with the Secretary.
Resolved - That the reception of delegates be hedl in the Board Room. Several other matters of detail for the Congress business were also settled.

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of monthly meeting held on Friday, September 24th. Present: Mrs. McDouall, Mr. Geo. Jones, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss C.B. Cole, Rev. F. Wood, and the Secretary.

A discussion took place on the question of publishing the transactions of Congress and what they should contain.
Resolved - That the transactions of Congress be published as the December number of the Vegetarian Review.
Permission was given to Mr. Beard and others to publish some of the Congress papers in theri respective journals.
A list of suggested awards to Congress exhibitors was considered, and, with one exception, approved.
A vote of thanks was accorded to the friendswho had generously loaned articles of interest to the Exhibition.
Resolved - That arrangements be made for a date in the second part of January on which to hold our annual meeting of the General Council.
It was decided to publish the Year Book, and that it should contain the Vegetarian Federal Union rules, a set of suggested rules for Societies, a short sketch of each Vegetarian movement, the annual report of the Vegetarian Federal Union, list of houses where Vegetarians are catered for, list of Vegetarian Societies and their officers, etc.
Resolved - That we reply to all Societies that have sent greetings to Congress, and also send them a copy of the transactions when published.
Mr. Newcombe's suggestions were postponed.


Photos of the Congress Party at Monkhams may now be had at the offices of the Vegetarian Federal Union, Memorial Hall. Price 3s. 6d. each for the single mounted one, and 6s. 6d. for the double.

October 30th, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL REPORT of meeting summoned for Monday, October 18th, at Manchester. Present: Miss Yates, Mr. Hills, and Mr. Forward ; also Major Richardson, acting as Secretary, and the following agents :- Mr. Ackerman, Mr. Saunders, and Mr. Semple.

The minutes of the last General Committee were read, and as there was not a quorum present, the meeting was adjourned.

December 4th, 1897:

Vegetarian Federal Union

OFFICIAL SUMMARY REPORT of monthly meeting held on Friday, November 19th. Present :- Mrs. McDouall, Mr. Geo. Jones, Miss E. E. Cole, Miss E. B. Cole, Rev. F. Wood, the Secretary, Mr. Saunders (Agent), and Miss Yates.

Minutes were read and confirmed.
A balance sheet (approximate) of Congress accoutns was presented, showing a deficit of only £18 odd.
The monthly financial statement was read, showing £207 liabilities over assets.
The financial statements were accepted.
Notice was received to raise office rent.
Two new appointments were conditionally approved.
A design for Congress Medal Awards was approved.
Annual meeting fixed for January 21st at 3 p.m. Conversazione at 7 p.m.
A National Congress for 1898 was approved, to be held in October, and an International Congress at Paris in 1900.
Gloucester was excluded from Mr. O'Callaghan's Province, and Sussex added in its place.
A letter was read from the Vegetarian Society re sending a representative to the General Committee's quarterly meetings for consultative purposes.
Alteration of the title "Agent" was considered, but postponed. The following substitutes had been suggested :- Organizing Secretary, Provincial Secretary, Local Secretary, Organizing Secretary for _ , Lecturer, Representative, Local Representative, Superintendant.
The rest of the agenda was, by resolution, adjourned.

December 18th, 1897:

Annual Meeting Vegetarian Federal Union

The Secretary of the V.F.U. write : "I have the pleasure to draw the attention of your readers to the fact that the Annual Meeting of the V.F.U. will be held in the Memorial Hall on Friday, January 21st, at 3 p.m. This is a public meeting, and all Vegetarians are cordially invited to be present. In the evening there will be a conversazione commencing at 7 p.m. Tickets for this should be obtained at once, as it is expected that a large number will be present, and arrangements are so much better when it is known beforehand how many will be coming. The price of the tickets will be 1s., but to members of Vegetarian Societies affiliated to the Union the price will be 8d.

"Names of ladies and gentlemen who will be kind enough to act as stewards on the occassion will be welcomed, and all suggestions by which this conversazione - the first of the New Year - may be a success will be heartily appreciated."