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Meetings held.- Addresses have been given at the following meetings during 1897:-

Jan., 5th, New Benwell, Northumberland.
" 6th, High Spen.
" 14th, Sunderland.
" 15th, St. Anne's, Newcastle.
" 18th, Winlayton.
" 19th, St. Jude's, Newcastle.
" 19th, Nelson St. P.M.
" 25th, St. Peters, Newcastle,
" 20th, Committee Meeting at St. Nicholas Churchyard.
Feb., Gosforth W. Band of Hope.
" Dunn Street Band of Hope.
" Gloucester Street U.M.F.C.
" Ryton Pleasant Monday Evenings.
" Long Benton.
" Aldin Grange, Durham, Public Lecture.
Mch., 2nd, Hope of New Trundon Lodge I.O.G.T., Durham.
" 15th, St. Peters U.M.F.C., Newcastle.
" 15th, Pandon Mission Mothers' Meeting.
" 17th, Byker Presbyterian Band of Hope.
" 18th, Walker Church Band of Hope.
" 29th, Ryton's Hope, Juvenile Temple.
" 29th, Ryton's Hope, Adult Lodge.
" 30th, St. Aidan's Band of Hope.
" 31st, Public Lecture, Thornley
April, St. Anthony's P.M. Band of Hope.
May, Aldin Grange, co. Durham. Second address.
July, Tynemouth, Stand Like the Brave Lodge I.O.G.T.
Aug., Gateshead, John Mawson Lodge I.O.G.T.

Aug., Monkwearmonth, Rising Sun Lodge I.O.G.T.
" Chester le Street, Florida Lodge.
" Gateshead, Dare to he a Daniel Lodge.
" West Stanley, Durham, Hope of West Stanley.
" Sacriston, Durham. Miners' Friend Lodge.
Sept., Birtley, Durham, Birtley Sobriety Lodge.
" Gateshead, Durham, John Mawson Lodge.
" Blackhill, Durham, Rose of Derwent Lodge.
" South Shields, Durham, Always Ready Lodge.
Oct., Bedlington I.O.G.T.
" Newcastle Constitutional Recreation Association, Lecture.
" Teams, Durham. Friends' Band of Hope.
" Benton Band of Hope.
Nov., Heworth Colliery P.M.
" Dunn Street, Newcastle, Band of Hope.
" Prudhoc U.M.F.C. Band of Hope.
" Hamsherley Road, Newcastle, U.M.F.C.
" Public Meeting and Tea at Nelson Street Cafe.
" George Bird Lodge I.O.G.T., South Shields.
Dec., Central Lodge I.O.G.T.
" Meeting of Engineers in Newcastle.
" U.M.F.C. Band of Hope, Eighten Banks, co. Durham.
" Meeting of Engineers at Gateshead
" Meeting of Engineers at Elswick. Newcastle.

Of this total of fifty-two meetings held during 1897, the addresses were given in all cases except two by the Provincial Secretary of the V.F.U., and were well received, and, as far as could be seen, much appreciated.

Formation of Societies.- None.

Literature.- Literature to the. value of £2 16s. 4d. has been sold during the year, mostly in penny Cookery books. Several thousand copies of the Vegetarian and Vegetarian Review have been stamped with the name of the local Society, stamped "Specimen," folded and distributed under Mr. Cocking's house-to-house scheme in Newcastle, principally by Mr. Haddon, Mr. Bell, and the Provincial Secretary; in Hexham by Miss Aitken, in Morpeth and district by Mr. English, in Walisend by Mr. Brown. Twenty copies weekly of the Vegetarian and other literature have been delivered to the Free Libraries and Reading Rooms in and around Newcastle.

The Press.- Letters on Food Reform and Vegetarianism have been sent to the local and metropolitan press at suitable occasions. A letter from the Provincial Secretary, "How to live on strike pay," appeared in Reynolds, The Universe, The People, The Echo, and other papers, which brought correspondence from all parts of England, in answer to which letters were written and literature sent.

Finance.- The total income of the Society for the year has been £46 0s. 10d., in which is included £1 0s. 6d. collections and Jubilee donations and £2 10s. special donations towards last year's deficit, the remaining £2 10s. being promised by the V.F.U. if the first half be raised locally. The total expenditure has been £52 8s. 10d.

New Experiments Tried.- Attempts have again been made during the year to induce booksellers to take literature on sale. This, as on a previous occasion, has not been very successful, the booksellers in most cases declining to take them even upon "sale or return."

Advantage has been taken of any special meetings, such as the Prohibition Conference Meetings, held in Newcastle, to distribute and sell literature. A large quantity has been distributed in this way.

The Executive and members of the Newcastle Food Reform Society feel that, as far as funds have allowed, excellent, steady solid work has been done in Newcastle and district, and that the subject is being, and has been, well kept before the public. All who have heard of the sudden termination of the Provincial Secretary's services have expressed surprise and regret. It is generally believed amongst all the friends of the movement in Newcastle and district, that the Vegetarian Cafe carried on by the Provincial Secretary, has been a great practical help to the cause.

The Society has been greatly indebted to Mr. Hills for the supply of the thousands of copies of the Vegetarian and copies of the Vegetarian Review; also to Mr. Guy for a parcel of literature, leaflets, etc.

Provincial Secretary for Newcastle and District.

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