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Since my appointment as Provincial Secretary for Ireland, I have been at work addressing meetings, distributing literature, and spreading the light from many a platform. The people of Ireland are harder to move than their neighbours across the water, fro beef, pork, and fowl are all looked upon by Pat as the chief means of paying the rent.

Beginning in July, I have addressed ten meetings in Belfast, and have spoken on the subject of Vegetarianism in Raphoe, Larne, Island Magee, Creggan, Newtownards, Maralin, Lurgan, Carrickfergus, Straidarron, and elsewhere. I have distributed copies of the Vegetarian Review, Vegetarian, and other literature. Many of my lectures and addresses have been illustrated by the Magic Lantern, the pictures for which were selected and photographed by my good friend, Mr. Leitch, now manager of the Townhill Colliery Works, Dunfermline. I have also addressed several meetings in Scotland. The work in Ireland is sadly hampered for want of funds, the few .friends in Belfast having to contribute more than their share to defray the expenses of the meetings. With almost no exception the expenses of the Lantern lectures were defrayed by myself.

In February it is intended for the first time for many years to give a series of illustrative lectures, including cookery and the free distribution of cooked food at the meetings. In this work, Mr. J. S. Herron, the unwearied and indefatigable Secretary of the Irish Vegetarian Union, Rev. Mr. Simms, and Mrs. Semple will take a part. We are hopeful of starting a society in Londonderry shortly, and I am about to give a series of Lantern Lectures there on an early date.

Provincial Secretary for Ireland.

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