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Vegetarian Federal Union 1889-1911


Mr. F. L. ORTT, The Hague.
Mrs. A. G. TOURS, Amsterdam.
Mr. M. VALK, Loosduinen.
Dep. Secretary:
Miss S. GROSHANS, Scheveningen.
Mr. A. A. C. VAN DEN BRANDT, Hoorn.
Dep.. Treasurer:
Mr. F. J. B. VAN DER BEER, The Hague.
Ordinary Members of Committee:
Miss H. M. A. JUNGIUS, Scheveningen.
Mr. J. W. GERHARD, Amsterdam.
104, Goudsche Singel, Rotterdam.

This Society started its third year with sixty-four members and forty-eight associates and closed with seventy-seven members and forty-seven associates.

Amongst the deaths of its members we mention the one of the Rev. C. S. Adama van Scheltema, the well-known temperance worker.

The providing of Vegetarian dishes at trust-worthy restaurants proved to be a failure. The prizes of 100fl., 50fl., and two 25fl., offered for competition to those restaurants which would provide the greatest number as well as the best and cheapest dishes, did not seem to attract the proprietors. Only three offers were received, one from Amsterdam, one from Rotterdam, and one from Dordrecht.

To all probability a Vegetarian restaurant will be opened by the Society at the National Exhibition of Women's Labour, to be held during the months of July, August, and September at the well-known watering-place, Scheveningen, near The Hague. As the conditions are extremely favourable, it is fully expected that the necessary funds, estimated at £100, will he subscribed by its members.

The public meeting, preceding the annual meeting held at Amsterdam, October 10th, was a decided success; between 300 and 400 persons were present, and judging by the loud applause following the speeches of each of the three speakers, the ideas expressed found a hearty welcome with the auditors.

Both public and annual meetings, as well as the dinner following same, were fully reported and discussed by the Amsterdam press and quoted by other papers.

Since September last a hi-monthly paper, "Vegetarische Bode" (Vegetarian Messenger), has been published by the Society, through a liberal allowance by one of its members.

The annual Subscriptions of the Society now amount to 202fl.

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