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1847-1981 :

A thesis presented to the London School of Economics, University of London,
for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy, by Julia Twigg
©AUTUMN 1981 - Thesis Index

The author is now Professor of Social Policy and Sociology at Kent University, England, and has given permission for this previously unpublished thesis to be published on the IVU website. The ownership and copyright remain hers and no part of this thesis may be used elsewhere without her express permission.

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My thanks must go first to the many vegetarians, members of the Society and not, who have so kindly given of their time and assistance. Though invidious to single out certain names, my particular thanks must go to Alan Long and John Le Grice for all their help. Many others have also contributed, including: Rex and Evelyn Allen, Stella Armstrong, Elsa Beckett, Lord Brockway, David and Kay Canter, John Claxton, Tony Eddy, Hilda Gustin, Judith Hampson, Nina Hosali, Kathleen Jannaway, Terence Lane, Gordon Latto, Marika McCausland, Kitty Muggeridge, Cyril Oliver, Leo Price, Nicholas Saunders and John Sullivan. The staff of the Vegetarian Society and of its magazine have also given me valuable help.

Particular academic and personal thanks are due to my supervisor, Professor David Martin. I am also indebted to Geoffrey Aherne, Diana Burfield, Peter Gould, John Harrison, Graham Howes, Peter Lineham, Norman Mackenzie, Robin Price, Robin Theobald, Keith Thomas and Robert Thorne for comments and suggestions.

Lastly personal thanks are due to David Thompson for help of a very practical nature; and above all to Martin Peach for his support and encouragement.

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