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History of the German Vegetarian Societies

Foundation of the Deutscher Vegetarier Bund

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), August 1892, p.248:

The Leipzig Vegetarian Congress came to a close on the 8th of June. Among other useful work we welcome a resolution recommending the coalition of the two Vegetarian Societies at present existing in Germany. It is to be hoped that the recommendation will find favour with the members and pass into an accomplishment. - The next "Bundestag" will take place at Hanover in 1893.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England) September 1892, p.280:

It is announced that the general meeting of the German Vegetarier Verein will take place on September 25th, in the rooms, Neue Schönhauser Strasse, 10, I, Berlin. There will be a business meeting, a dinner, and an excursion. Further particulars will be published in the Autumn number of the Rundschau. The main business of the day will be the ratification of the resolution passed in Leipsic, by which the two German Vegetarian Societies - the Vegetarier and the Verein für Naturgemaisse Lebensweise - become amalgamated. The first meeting of the united bodies is fixed, by resolution passed at the Leipsic Congress to take place next Whitsuntide, in Hanover. A large meeting is hoped for to welcome the long-desired union.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England) , November 1892, p339:

Since ratification of the motion to unite the German Vegetarian Societies, which was passed at the Leipzig Conference, the German Vegetarier Bund has become fact, Its business place is at Leipzig, Kurpringstrasse, No. 1. All official announcements will be made in both the Rundschau and the Vegetarier.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England) , December 1892, p350 [this apears to be the report of the general meeting of the Berlin based Vegetarier Verein]:

German Vegetarier Bund. - It has now been finally resolved, and fully ratified, that the two branches representative of the German Vegetarian movement shall, for the future, be amalgamated under the name of "Der Deutsche Vegetarier Bund," with Herr Ernst Herring as its president. The Vegetarian Rundschau is the recognised organ of the bund, and well as the Vegetarier. The general meeting, which was held in Berlin, was well attended. The President, in reviewing the past tear, showed that the number of members was on the increasem and that finances are in a satisfactory state. There had been some public lectures, but the committee are of the opinion that these should be greatly extended. Several Vegetarian colonies are now established, and are prospering. The orphanage at Schlachtensee, near Berlin, which is under the management of Herr W. A. Securius, continues to do good work. The city of Berlin has, after a tardy consideration over 27 years, refused Herr Securius' offer of a home, and he has now offered the same to the Freireligiosen Gemiende, at Wiesbaden. The number of Vegetarian restaurants is on the increase. There are now seven in the course of erection.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England) , January 1893, p26:

The Chemnitz Vegetarian Society, which has only been in existence one year, now counts 39 members. It is pleasing to learn that a Vegetarian restaurant will be opened in the town within one week.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England) , April 1893, p135:

Germany. - The Vegetarische Rundschau for January begins a new series with 1893, having been incorporated with the Vegetarier. Owing to the union of the two German Vegetarian Societies into one "bund," it was thought no longer necessary to issue two separate organs. The publishers of the Vegetarier have bought up the original Vegetarische Rundschau, and for the future one organ will be issued once a month. At the request of a large number of the readers the title and form of the Vegetarische Rundschau have been maintained for the amalgamated publication. The management rests with the Deutscher Vegetarier Bund, Herr. E. Herring, of Leipsic, who promises that the journal shall lack none of its former excellence.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England) , July 1893, p267:

Germany. - Abstract from Die Vegetarische Rundschau for June: It is 25 years since with the first of June that this journal was founded by Eduard Baltzer, the first president of the German Vegetarian Society. As the cause had but few supporters in that day, Baltzer was at once editor and publisher of the Vereinsblatt für Friende der naturgemässen Lebensweise (Organ of the friends of a natural mode of life), as the journal was then called. It remained under the direct supervision of Baltzer up to the year 1885, appearing at first 10 times a year, and afterwards every month. In 1885 the editorship passed into the hands of Dr. Aderholtz, who changed the name to Thalysia. In 1889 its columns were enlarged, and a bi-monthly issue was resolved upon, under another new title, Der Vegetarier, which bore until its amalgamation at the beginning of the present year, when the two sections of the German Vegetarian Society were joined in one Bund. For the first number, published on the first of June, 1868, Baltzer wrote a fine dedicatory poem, which has frequently been sung at Vegetarian meetings since that day.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), September 1893, p348:

The Vegetarian Societies of Berlin, Chemnitz, Leipsic, and Meissen have notified their intention to join the German Vegetarier-Bund.

At Chemnitz, Vegetarianism is making steady progress, since the opening of the restaurant, especially among the younger members of the population. The number of members of the Vegetarian Society has now risen to 42.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), October 1893, p384:

The following local societies have joined the German Vegetarier-Bund: Frankfort, Glauchau, Magdeburg, and Helvetia III.

A new Vegetarian restaurant is about to be opened at Brunswick with the beginning of the present month. The occasion will be signalised by the formation of a Vegetarian Society. A new society has also been formed at Berlin, to be called Freie Vegetarische Vereinigung; but the new society will perfect in friendly relations with the Berlin Vegetarier Verein. The latter has begin to issue a local organ, entitled Neues Leben, whose main object is to interest itself with local news, and to form a cement among members. It will apear on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of each month, and will be sent free to members of the Verein. We have received specimen numbers, which are well calculated to help the cause in a pratical way.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), February 1894, p65: - [from Die Vegetarische Rundschau, November 1893] A number of Vegetarians at Gera-Reuss, who for some time have been in the habit of meeting for social intercourse and discussion, have now constituted themselves into a society.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), March 1894, p186: - A new Vegetarian Society has been founded at Brunswick.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), August 1894, p305/307: -

The Vegetarian Fruit Colony, "Eden" at Oranienburg, celebrated its anniversary on June 24th. According to an account given in the New Heilkunst the colony is making progress and numbers nearly 70 residents. The first trees were planted in march last, and a large extent of ground is under cultivation. The head gardener has extensive plans for the coming year if only funds will permit their carrying out. He intends to make arrangements for irrigation, to cultivate vegetables and plant berry bushes on a large scale in one portion, while another is to be devoted to grain. An urgent appeal is made to all vegetarians to support this praisworthy undertaking.

On Aug. 24th an international exhibition of food will be opened at Dresden, in which the Dresden Vegetarian Society intend to take part. They ask for contributions, more particularly for literature bearing on vegetarianism.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), December 1894, p452: -

A gold medal has been awarded to Messrs. Rost Brothers (of Dresden) for their services to the vegetarian section of the International Food Exhibition held at Dresden.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), January 1895, p25: -

The fruit growing colony, Eden, at Oranienburg, now numbers 75 members. Building is in progress, 30 out of the 79 houses have already been rented, and with the spring it is expected that the population of the colony will rise to about 100. The depot of the colony, which is situate in Berlin, is doing an increasing business.

A vegetarian society has been formed at Nürnberg, called the Puritas, whose members are also total abstainers.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), February 1895, p53: -

A new German Society, bearing the name of Berliner Vegetarische Gessellschaft, is in formation in Berlin. Its members, at present 19 in number, differ on some minor points from the Deutsche Vegetarier Bund. Up to the present all efforts at union have failed.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), June 1895, p.193: -

The Leipsic Vegetarian Union celebrated its 20th anniversary last month. Its secretary, Herr Herring, was able to state that this society, which now numbers about 200 members, was founded with only nine.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), August 1895, p.263: -

We are sorry to note that our German friends are again finding cause for separation. It is only a couple of years ago since the two sections of German vegetarians united into one band and accepted the Vegetarische Rundschau as their organ. The Berlin Society have ceased to be satisfied with this arrangement and intend to publish a Veriens-Zeitung.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), September 1895, p.300/1: -

We have received the first number of the Vegetarische Worte [sic], the new organ of the German Vegetarier Bund. That society passed a resolution at its general meeting, held on April 15th, to establish an organ under the direction of its executive, and has deemed it advisable to lose no time in starting it on its path. The editor makes plain that he will devote himself to all matters connected with vegetarianism, as our German brethren understand the term - to wit all that appertains to a healthy manner of living on natural principles. [further details of the contents of the first issue followed]

The Vegetarian Messenger, October 1895, gived reports of the contents of both the Vegetarische Rundschau and the Vegetarische Worte, but the status of the Rundschau is not clarified.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), November 1895, p.373: -

The Vegetarian of Hamburg has at last succeeded in prevailing upon the Town Council to prohibit the transport of carcases in open carts.

The Vegetarian Society of Hanover, which was founded last year, has just held its annual meeting. It has enrolled 73 members during the course of its first year.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), April 1896, p.130: -

"The Vegetarier Vereinigung (Centrals)" Berlin, has held its first annual meeting. This union includes the Vegetarier and the Freie Vegetarische-Vereinigungen, which united in January, 1895. It started with 35 members, which number has risen during the year to 54; 42 new ones being enrolled, and 19 having left; 26 of the members also belong to the Vegetarian-Bund, which has its headquarters at Leipzig.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), September 1896, p.301/2: -

[commenting on the Vegetarische Rundschau] Herr Joseph Scharberg defends, in answer to a correspondent, the position of the Central Vegetarian Society of Berlin. Why, it is asked, should this Society be necessary in face of the Vegetarier-Bund, which embraces the whole of Germany. Herr Scharberg shows that local interested are not always well served by a National-Bund. The latter has its headquarters at Leipsic, and important as that city may be in the history of German vegetarianism, it cannot be denied that Berlin is the centre of German life. It is therefore but reasonable that the Berlin vegetarians want something nearer to home than the Bund. They complain that the Bund did not give a hearty support to the Berlin vegetarians in connection with the Industrial Exhibition. Herr Scharberg rightly holds that loocal interests can only be properly served by local representation, and that the establishment of local societies need not weaken the general movement. It ought to strengthen it.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), March 1897, 101: -

Nordhausen Vegetarian Society. - It seems strange that while the cause spread throughout Germany, the parent Society at Nordhausen was for a time lost. You are therefore extremely pleased to note that Herr Kleemann of that city has succeeded in again gathering our Nordhausen friends together, and has re-formed the old Society with a nucleus of 50 members. The first meeting was held on December 9th, when 20 ladies and 20 gentlemen attended, Herr Bilitski, one of the oldest German vegetarians, was present on the occasion and addressed the meeting.

From The Vegetarian Messenger and Review (Manchester, England), March 1898, p134: -

The "Vegetarische Warte". - enters its January issue upon the 31st year of its existence. As it has now incorporated the Vegetarische Rundschau, the editor begs to remind us that it stands in a direct line with the magazine founded by Edward Baltzer. The subscription will in future amount to 4s. per annum, both foreign and inland, and it is hoped that the future of the Guardian of Vegetarianism will "copy fair its past."

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), August 1899, p265/6: -

The Deutsche Vegetarier Bund. - The general meetings of the German Vegetarier Bund will take place at Munich on July 16, 17 and 18. The Bund was formed in 1892, and began with some 300 members drawn from the older vegetarian societies. At the end of 1898 the number had grown to 981, and it has at the present time reached its thousand and more. During the course of the year a fair amount of propaganda work has been undertaken, mostly it would seem by means of literature. The Vegetarische-Warte has been sent free to 100 public reading rooms. [continued].

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), June 1900, p180: -

Leipsic Vegetarier Verin. - This Society has just completed the 25th year of its existence. In honour of the event a well attended meeting took place, when its oldest member, Herr E. Hering, gave an account of the society's work from the beginning.

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