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Battle Creek, Michigan, Vegetarian Society

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), June 1891, p.180:

New Vegetarian Society in Michigan, U.S.A. - Letter from Dr. Helen L. Manning, special correspondent of The Vegetarian Messenger: Sanitarium, Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A., May 4th, 1891, - The Battle Creek Sanitarium believes in thorough-going Vegetarianism, although it tolerates meat upon its bill of fare for those who think they must have it; but by parlour talks and private influence, the abstinence from flesh-food is enjoined. Among the four or five thousand patients who visit the sanitarium every year quite a percentage are won away from a meat diet, with its many objectionable features, to one of greater simplicity and healthfulness, while many of those who still go on using meat eat it sparingly, and take fresh fruits, nuts, and cereals, much more generously than ever before. This is an educational institution, and people must be blind and deaf mentally not to go out, after a few weeks sojourn of a few weeks or months here, with improved ideas as to the value of diet, dress, and exercise. Physical culture is an indispensable aid to thorough dress reform, and a wholesome nutritious diet facilitates physical culture. Dr. J. H. Kellogg, the medical superintendant, has been a Vegetarian since he was a boy of fifteen years; his health is perfect, notwithstanding the fact that his manifold duties compel him to work almost night and day sometimes.

Steps have recently been taken toward the organisation of a Vegetarian society at this point, and over 100 persons have already signed a Vegetarian pledge. A committee is appointed to prepare a constitution and by-laws, and when the organisation is perfected it is designed to hold monthly meetings. At a recent meeting Dr. Kellogg gave an earnest address on the subject of Vegetarianism.

Dr. Manning contributed another article to the November issue of the Vegetarian Messenger, but only about the Sanitarium.