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History of the HungarianVegetarian Societies

From the Dietetic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), May 1884, p129:

We are also glad to hear good news from Budapest. It appears that on 16th Dec., 1883, the friends of natural diet held a meeting there. About 60 persons were present. Prof. V. Weixlgärtner and Dr. Szolkay gave addresses. The occasion was the discussion of the rules &c., of the proposed society, which was consituted under the name "Hungarian Vegetarian Society."

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), October 1896, p344:

A Vegetarian Society has been formed at Buda-Pesth, which proposes to take the Vegetarian Restaurant, opened a short time ago, under its own management.

The following item is from the Soyfoods Center:

The proximity of this October 1896 date [above] to the 1897 date given below suggest that this may be the same Hungarian Vegetarian Society that was dissolved in 1950 or 1951.
Keleny, Eugene. 1958. "Vegetarianism in Hungary." Vegetarian News (London). 37:101-05. Sept/Nov. The Hungarian Vegetarian Society was abolished in 1951 by the Minister of the Interior.
Dr. E. Keleny. 1971. The British Vegetarian. Jan/Feb. p. 2, 4. "Hungarian Vegetarians." The author spent a month in Hungary and met with enthusiastic Hungarian vegetarians, who want to revive the Hungarian Vegetarian Society, which was founded in 1897 by the painter and philosopher Vincens Weichselgartner, and was dissolved in 1950. Weichselgartner was born in 1828 in Budapest and died in 1915. He was president of the Society until his death. The author was the last president of the Society.

We have a reference to a Vegetarian Society in Hungary is from the reports of the 1923 IVU Congress, held in Stockholm, Sweden:

Major Boeserdy
After extending a hearty welcome to all, he called upon the Hon. Congress Secretary, Madame Lombard (Stockholm), to read the Roll Call of the Delegates. Each rose as his or her name was called. The following is a full list : ... Hungary - Major Tibor Boeserdy ; ...

We give the full list of papers in alphabetical order :- ... Josef Drahovsky " Report for Hungary," ...

The Chairman said that, owing to the great disturbance caused by the War the Committee felt as if we ought almost to make a new beginning and that the Constitution would need some alteration. He invited members for the International Vegetarian Unon and the delegates from the following countries expressed their desire to join :- ... Hungary, ...

The report from the 1926 Congress, held in London, England notes: "Messages of congratulations and good wishes were received from the following Societies not represented at the Congress :- ... Hungary, ... "

The report from the 1929 Congress, in Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia, includes:

... Thirteen nations in all were represented at the Congress - .... Hungary, ...

... A resolution moved by a Czecho-Slovakian delegate expressed the "joy and satisfaction" of the Congress that friendly co-operation under vegetarian auspices, had been possible as between Czechs and Hungarians at that Congress, notwithstanding the differences existing between their respective Governments. ...

The 1932 and 35 Congress reports did not have a list of countries represented and made no specific reference to Hungary. In the 1938 there is a note that the Hungarian Society sent apologies for absence.

The 1947 Congress report makes no mention of Hungary.

See the comments at the top of this page about the Hungarian Vegetarian Society being abolished in 1951 by the Minister of the Interior.

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Apart from the notes at the top of this page, the next currently available reference is from the minutes of the Business Meeting at the 1960 Congress, held in Hannover, Germany: "In the presence of representatives from ... Hungary, ..." Records from the Congresses in 1960, 63, 65 and 71 also note the presence of a delegate from Hungary, but no further details were given.

The minutes from the General Meeting of the 2000 Congress mention a new Member Society in Hungary but, again, not further details are given and they have not continued with their membership.

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