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History of the Finnish Vegetarian Society

The first reference we have to a Society in Finland is at the 1909 IVU Congress in Manchester, England. The report from the Vegetarian Messenger (VSUK magazine) in December 1909, includes:

For the Continent of Europe we had representatives from Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Russia, and Spain ... Dr. Lybeck spoke for Finland and commanded attention by some of his illuminating remarks on personal affinity and influence.

The next Congress where Finland was represented was in 1923, held in Stockholm. Sweden. The following extracts are from the reports of that Congress:

... After extending a hearty welcome to all, he called upon the Hon. Congress Secretary, Madame Lombard (Stockholm), to read the Roll Call of the Delegates. Each rose as his or her name was called. The following is a full list : ... Finland - Mrs. Anna Kurimo (Secretary of the Finnish Vegetarian Union) and Miss Ante Kurimo, Uleaborg ; ...

The Chairman said that, owing to the great disturbance caused by the War the Committee felt as if we ought almost to make a new beginning and that the Constitution would need some alteration. He invited members for the International Vegetarian Unon and the delegates from the following countries expressed their desire to join :- ... Finland, ...

From the report of the 1926 Congress, held in London, England:

Messages of congratulations and good wishes were received from the following Societies not represented at the Congress :- ... Finland, ...

The report of the 1929 Congress, held in Steinschönau, Czechoslovakia, mentions that Finland was represented, but gives no further details. All further Congress reports up to 1950 made no mention of Finland.

The next reference currently available is from the minutes of the IVU Executive Committee meeting, July 17, 1951 in London: "The application of the Finnish Vegetarian Society for affiliation was reported and accepted."

1958 - The Vegetarian World Forum, July 1958, carried a complete list of IVU " Affiliated Societies - and others in association with the I.V.U." These included: Vegetaarienen Seura ry (Finnish VS), Mr. H. S. J. Lindholm, Unioninkatu, 6.B.34, Helsinki, Finland

There was a further mention of Finland being represented at the 1971 Congress, but this Society also now appears to have closed. IVU is represented today in Finland by Vegaaniliitto (Vegan Society) founded in 1993 - for any other member or supporters in Finland see

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