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History of Brazilian Vegetarian Societies

From Marly Winckler, IVU Regional Co-ordinator for Latin America:

Below a pic of a talk “20 arguments in favour of vegetarianism” - in Rio de Janeiro in January, 18 1921, under the auspices of Brazilian Vegetarian Society, by Juan Esteve Dulin. The President and Secretary of BVS are at right of the speaker.

Professor Juan Esteve Dulin – Founder of the magazine Salud y Cultura (Health and Culture) and Naturist Society – Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Ex-Director of Institute and Magazine Vida Nueva (New Life), Montevideo, Uruguay.
Founder of Institute of Bioculture - Rio de Janeiro.
Author of numerous works on moral, hygiene, sociology, rational reform of food, naturotherapy etc.
Vegetarian for 12 years (in 1921) and almost frugivorous at least for 5 years.