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History of the Australian Vegetarian Societies

Australia 1894-97

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), March 1894, p106:

BRISBANE. - The Brisbane Telegraph of December 12, 1893, has the following:- "Those cranky Vegetarians" was the title of a lecture delivered on Wednesday night by Mr. Percy Proctor, under the auspices of the Queensland Vegetarian Society. [continued at some length].

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), August 1894, p302:

SYDNEY, New South Wales. - A debate took place on May 9th in the school hall of the William-street Wesleyan Church on "Vegetarian v. Flesh Diet." The debate was carried on by members of the East Sydney Wesleyan Mutual Improvement Association and the New South Wales Vegetarian Society. Mr. E. Warren was in the chair, and there was a large attendance. A vote was taken, and it was found to be in favour of the flesh diet by a large majority.

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), October 1894, p379:

MELBOURNE. - The Vegetarian Society of Australia held its usual monthly meeting in the Queen's Walk Rooms. Mr. F. Dibney occupied the chair. There was a good attendance of members and visitors. [continued at some length].

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), October 1894, p379:

NEW SOUTH WALES VEGETARIAN SOCIETY.- The third annual meeting of the New South Wales Vegetarian Society was held at Mr. Quong Tart's Rooms, King-street, on Saturday, July 28th, 1894, when a number of members and friends partook of tea together, after which a gathering of a social busines character took place. Dr. Kingsbury presided [continued at some length].

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), May 1895, p159:

NEW SOUTH WALES. - Sydney (Temperance Hall, Pitt Street), January 22nd and 29th, - Dr. M. G. Kellogg lectured under the auspices of the New South Wales Vegetarian Society on "Food elements and their relation to health and longevity." Mr. F. E. McLean, M.P., presided at the first meeting.

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), June 1895, p.194:

MELBOURNE : VEGETARIAN SOCIETY OF AUSTRALIA. - March 19th, - The annual meeting of this society was held in the Thistle Co.'s rooms, 51, Elizabeth Street. The business of the meeting was to elect a committee and secretary for the coming year, after which interesting extracts were read by Mr. Rosenbaum from various sources, and discussed by those present. Mr. Robert Jones, who pointed out that the good being done by the society could not be measured by the number of members who joined it but by the progress of opinion on the subject, alluded also to some statements by Dr. Springthorpe on the liability of many to contract consumption by the use of animal food. The annual report and balance sheet were adopted.

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), February 1896, p.59/60:

NEW SOUTH WALES, October 1st, 1895. - The following report of the New South Wales Vegetarian Society was presented to the annual meeting. "The executive in presenting their report for the year, have pleasure in stating that debates have been held with various Library and Debating Societies in city and suburbs, and although not so frequent as they would wish, there is good reason to believe the subject of the debates has been well received. Several lectures have been given by Pastor Corliss, Dr. Kerllogg, and Mr. D. Lacy, in which the subject of food reformn has been well treated and discussed. In September last year (1894) Mrs. Annie Besant being in Sydney, and as she was known to be in full sympathy the work of the Society, a deputation of members waited upon her with a very neat address, in accepting which she expressed herself decidedly in favour of a non-flesh diet : a full report of her remarks appeared in the Daily Press. The Executive regret they cannot report a large increase of members but they continue to receive evidence of a growing interest in the subject of food reform. It is further hoped that several proposals to extend the usefulness of the Society will result in greater activity in the future. The vegetarian dinner given a week ago was attended by over 60 persons who thoroughly enjoyed the repast provided under the supervision of Mrs. A. W. Seumiers, to whom our thanks are specially due. Signed on behalf of the executive - F. H. Satchell (President); James W. Lawton (Hon. Sec.) - The following were the Executive elected for the year : - Mr. H. E. Langridge (President); Mr. J. W. Lawton (Hon. Sec.) with Messrs. Satchell, Langkope, and Newcombe.

from the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), August 1896, p.267:

AUSTRALIA. - The annual meeting of the Vegetarian Society of Australia was held on the 1st of April. After the election of committee and secretary, Mr. J. Dun read a paper reveiwing the Vegetarian Messenger for the year, and gave short extracts on various interesting subjects, viz., "Substitutes for Leather," "Staying Powers of Vegetarian Diet for Athletes," "Æsthetic Aspect of Vegetarianism," &c. Other speakers followed with a few remarks.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), October 1897, 343: -

Victoria. - Hawthorn, July 12th. - Mr. John Dun, of the Vegetarian Society of Australia, lectured on "Food Reform" before the Hawthorn branch of the A.N.A., Mr. A. G. Lumsden occupied the chair. [brief details followed].

From The Vegetarian Messenger and Review (Manchester, England), May 1898, 237: -

Vegetarian Society of Australia. - Feb. 16th. - In the course of the Annual Report of the Vegetarian Society of Australia, of which the headquarters are in Melbourne, it is stated that "during the year which has just passed, we, as a Society, have been a little more active than during the two previous years. Early in the last year a sub-committee was formed to write to literary and other societies, including the many branches of the Australian Navies' Association, requesting them to set apart one of their evenings for the discussion of the diet question. A large number of meetings were held in this way, at which Mr. Dun was the principal speaker. There were also three large meetings addressed in the hall of the Temperance Society and under its auspices. All those meetings were very successful, and it was with pleasurable surprise that our speakers found in every meeting a number of advocates of our ideas. In August it was arranged to hold an informal meeting - we called them "at homes" - on the first Wednesday of each month , at the Society's office, to give information to any who might attend, and to report progress to our members. These meetings have been a great success, and have not only been instrumental in diffusing information to enquirers, but have been a means of bringing our own members more in touch with one another. The December meeting took the form of a public meeting held in the Australian Church Hall. Doctor Caro, a most enthusiastic Vegetarian, connected with the Health Sanitarium at Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A., addressed the meeting, which was crowded. We have no president to our society at present, and as Dr. Caro is likely to be a resident of Melbourne, we are going to ask him to fill the position, as we are certain the Society will benefit greatly thereby."

Mr. John Dun, of 45, Elizabeth Street, Melbourne, is the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society of Australia, and, as will be seen from the report given above, he is working hard and enthusiastically to spread a knowledge of Vegetarianism in Australia.

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), July 1899, 230: -

Vegetarian Society of South Australia. - We are glad to see that South Australia has now a Vegetarian Society. The Honorary Secretary, to whom the Society owes its origin, is Mr. A. Fawcett od Adelaide. Mr. N. A. Knox is president, and the committee consists of Miss Perry, Mr. J. Mackenzie and Mr. W. L. Witham. There are three grades of membership, each of which corresponds with similar grades in the Vegetarian Society, members, associates, and subscribers. Members are eligible for office and at the discretion of the Committee an associate may also become an office holder.

From the Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester), August 1900, pp.254-263:

[report on the International Vegetarian Congress, held in Paris, France, 1900]
Reports were read from or by the delegates of foreign countries. Germany by E. Hering (read by Mr. Reinheimer of London), America by Mr. Anderson Hanson, Australia, Austria, Hungary, Belgium, Denmark, India, Holland.

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