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History of Vegetarianism - Percy Bysshe Shelley (1792-1822)
1792 Field Place, Warnham, Sussex born August 4
baptised Warnham Sept 7
1797 London March - William Godwin married Mary Wolstoncraft
Mary Wolstoncraft Godwin born Aug 30
1799   Began learning Latin from Rev. Evan Edwards, curate at Warnham  
1802 Syon House Academy, Isleworth bullied, access to the school library  
1804 July 29 - Eton College organised a rebellion against fagging  
1809   Relationship with cousin Harriet Grove May - working on Zastrozzi
1810 April 10 - Registered at University College, Oxford, then returned to Eton until the summer.
Sept/October - beginning of Michaelmas term, in residence at Oxford.
Christmas at Field Place, probable visit to Worthing
Met Thomas Jefferson Hogg
Late 1810, rejected by Harriet Grove
Zastrozzi (a novel)
Original Poetry by Victor and Cazire (by Shelley and his sister Elizabeth)
Posthumous Fragment of Margaret Nicholson (by Shelley and Hogg, October)
St. Irvyne or The Rosicrucian (or 1811 - written at Eton, published during first term at Oxford)
Essay on Love (vanished)
Leonora (novel, Shelley and Hogg)
1811 March 26 - 15 Poland St., London,
Late June - Cwn Elan, Radnorshire, Wales
August - London, York, Edinburgh (George's St.)
October - York, Sussex, York
November - Keswick, Chestnut Cottage, Penrith Rd.+ Greystoke Castle for first week of December..
March 25, Shelley & Hogg expelled from Oxford
August 28, elopement and marriage to Harriet Westbrook
December, met Robert Southey
March - A Poetical Essay on the Existing State of Things
A Tale of Society as It Is: From Facts. 1811
The Necessity of Atheism
(pamphlet by Shelley with Hogg, probably taken to printers Xmas 1810, published February)
Devil's Walk
1812 February - Dublin, 7 Sackville St.
April 4 - Wales, Nantgwylt (Radnorshire)
May - Lynmouth, Devon
September - Tan-yr-allt, Tremadoc, North Wales
October - London
November - Tan-yr-allt, Tremadoc, North Wales
January 3, begins to correspond with William Godwin
March - Shelley & Harriet became vegetarians
April 4 (on the ferry) "They were vegetarians now but the voyage made them try a meat course."
Met Godwin in London
November - briefly met Mary W. Godwin (age 15) at dinner at her father's house
November 5, met John Frank Newton, vegetarian author

Herbert Cauvin (historical novel, lost)
Address to the Irish People
Proposals for an Association of the Philanthropists
Declaration of Rights
The Retrospect : Cwm Elan, 1812
Letter to Lord Ellenborough
Queen Mab

March - Killarney
London (Chapel St., Cooke's Hotel, Half Moon St.)
Bracknell (High Elms House)
Pimlico, London
October - Lake District

26 February 1813, an intruder at Tan yr Allt, shot narrowly missed Shelley
Late June, Ianthe Shelley born to Harriet
Met Thomas Love Peacock
"at Bracknell . . . 'Shelley surrounded by a numerous society, all in a great measure of his own opinions in relation to religion an politics, and the larger portion of them in relation to the vegetable diet.' "
see Family Trees of the Bracknell/London/Windsor group

Queen Mab: A Philosophical Poem
A Vindication of Natural Diet
Stanza, written at Bracknell

1814 February - Bracknell/Windsor
May - London, Cooke's Hotel
June, London, Fleet Street
July 28 - six week tour of Europe - France, Switzerland, Netherlands
September 13 - London
November 9 - London, 2 Nelson Square
February - Harriet in London whilst Shelley in Bracknell
March 24, married Harriet with CofE ceremony
March 31, Mary W. Godwin returned from Scotland to London
May 5, Shelley met Mary again at her father's house
June 18, Shelley returned to London - June 26 Shelley & Mary became lovers
July 28, ran away with Mary and her step-sister Jane (Claire) Clairmont, both 16
July 29, arrived in France
September 13, home - penniless
November 30, Charles Bysshe Shelley born to Harriet
A Refutation of Deism (prose)
Stanzas - April 1814
To Harriet
The Assasins
To Mary Wolstencraft Godwin
1815 January - Sussex
February 22 - London, Hans Place
June - Torquay, Devon, then Clifton
Early August - Bishopsgate, Windsor
Late August, boat trip to Lechlade
January 8, Sir Bysshe Shelley, Shelley's grandfather, died; financial settlement with his father.
Daughter born to Shelley and Mary February 22, two months premature, died 11 days later on March 6.
". . . it was at Oxford that Shelley now proved [temporarily] false to his vegetable diet and on Peacock's advice ate mutton chops."
"Like protesters against impure societies througout the ages, he abstained from meat and alcohol; she laid in a store of vegetarian foods,. . ."
On the Vegetable System of Diet
On Death
To Wordsworth
Feelings of a Republican on the Fall of Bonaparte
A Summer Evening Churchyard

May 2 - left Bishopsgate
May 14 - Arrived Geneva, Switzerland. Dejean's Hotel de L'Angleterre
Late May - Mont Alegre cottage
July 20 - Mont Blanc and Chamonix
July 27 - back at Mont Alegre
August 29 - left Geneva, returned via Le Havre-Portsmouth
Early September - Mary to Bath, Shelley to Marlow with Peacock
Late September - Shelley to Bath, 5 Abbey Churchyard
October - Bristol and Swansea, back to Bath
December - London, then back to Bath, then London again
December - Marlow
December 18 - Hampstead

January 24, William Godwin Shelley born to Mary
April 25, Byron left England for good
Late May, Shelley met Byron in Geneva
August 15, Mary Shelley began the story of Frankenstein
Claire expecting Byron's child
October 11, Fanny Imray (Mary's half sister) committed suicide.
December Harriet commited suicide, drowned in Serpentine
December 30, marriage to Mary at St. Mildred's, Bread St. London
Met John Keats in Hampstead
Painter Benjamin Haydon . . . was invited to dine and to meet Shelley. . . . "a hectic, spare, weakly, yet intellectual-looking creature, carving a bit of broccoli or cabbage on his plate as if it had been the substantial wing of a chicken." . . . later . . . he heard the vegetarian opposite . . .
Alastor, or The Spirit of Solitude
Essay on Christianity
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
(published October 1817)
Mont Blanc
To Constantia Singing
Hymn to Intellectual Beauty
(text, or 1817)
1817 March - Great Marlow, Albion House
November - Brick St. Covent Garden, then back to Marlow
January 13, Claire gave birth to a daughter, Allegra, by Byron.
March 27, children by Harriet placed under guardianship by Chancery court.
At Marlow, "a dinner of vegetables"
May, Frankenstein completed
late 1817 - 'Six Weeks Tour', Mary's account of the 1816 tour
September 2, Clara born to Mary
Oct/Nov: "Mr. Baxter to his surprise found Shelley's personal life so frugal, sound and fine. . ."

A Proposal for putting Reform to the Vote, throughout the Kingdom. By the Hermit of Marlow
Address to the People on the Death of the Princess Charlotte
Laon and Cythna
- rewritten as:
The Revolt of Islam
Rosaling and Helen
Prince Athanase


Early February - London, 19 Great Russell St.
March 10 - Dover, York House
March 12 - Calais, Grand Cerf Hotel
March 22-25 - Lyons
April 4 to May 1 - Milan
May - Livorno (Leghorn) for a visit
May - Pisa
Mid-June to Mid August - Bagni de Lucca
August 19 - Florence
August - Venice and Este
November 5th - left Este
November 7 - Ferrara
November 9 - Bologna
Winter 1818/19 - Naples
December - Pompeii

March 9, William, Clara and Allegra baptised at St. Giles in the Fields.
August - breakfast in Florence " figs - very fine - and peaches"
Early September 1818, daughter Clara died
Nov/Dec, in Pompeii: "We see the group of Shelleyans sitting under the portico of the temple of Jupiter, lunching on oranges, figs, medlars and bread, and enjoying a scene . . ."
December 27, Shelley adopted a baby daughter, Elena born in Naples

To William Shelley
On Fanny Godwin
Ozymandias (text)
On a Faded Violet
Plato, The Banquet (or Symposium) translation from Greek into English

Rosalind and Helen
Lines Written Among the Euganean Hills
Invocation to Misery
Julian and Maddalo (or 1819)
Stanzas written in dejection, near Naples
Prometheus Unbound begun
Sonnets 1 & 2
The Cenci (or 1819)

1819 Paestum, back to Naples
Early March - Rome
May - Rome, Via Sestina
Late June - Livorno
October - Pisa
October - Florence, Palazzo Marino, 4395 Via Valfonda
June 7 - Son William died
November 12, Percy Florence Shelley born to Mary
Acts II and III of Prometheus Unbound
Ode to the West Wind
An Exhortation
The Masque of Anarchy

Peter Bell the Third
Men of England
England in 1819
The Witch of Atlas
A Philosophical View of Reform

Act IV of Prometheus Unbound (or 1820)
1820 January 26 - Pisa, Tre Donzelle Inn
July - Saint Elmo
August to October - Bagni de Pisa (San Giuliano)
October 29 - Pisa, Palazza Galetti

June 10, daughter Elena died
December 5, met Emilia Viviani
the poetic Letter to Maria Gisborne,' written in 1820— "Though we eat little flesh, and drink no wine."
To Sophia
Love's Philosophy
The Sensitive Plant
The Cloud
A Vision of the Sea
(not completed)
A Philosophical View of Reform
Ode to Liberty
To a Skylark

The Witch of Atlas
Oedipus Tyrannus or Swellfoot the Tyrant
1821 Lerici
Summer - San Guiliano
August 6 - Ravenna
October - Pisa
Met Edward and Jane Williams Letter to Maria Gisbourne
Hymn of Apollo
Hymn of Pan
The Question
Ode to Naples
The Boat on the Serchio
Autumn: A Dirge
To The Moon

To Night
From the Arabic: An Imitation
To Emilia Viviani

A Defence of Poetry
1822 San Terenzo, near Portovenere, Casa Magni
April - Lerici
July 1 - sailed from Lerici to Livorno
July 8 - sailed back, never made it
Met Trelawney
July 8 - drowned one month before 30th birthday
July 18, body cast ashore near Viareggio
August 16, body burned on the beach at Viareggio by Byron, Hunt and Trelawney
December 7, ashes buried at the Protestant Cemetery, Rome
A Lament
To Edward Williams
Translation of Calderon's 'El Magico'
To Jane: The invitation
To Jane: The Recollection
With a Guitar, to Jane
To Jane
Lines Written in the Bay of Lerici
Charles I

The Triumph of Life (unfinished, published in 1824 after Shelley died)