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History of Vegetarianism - North America: 18th Century

Complete Old Books

  • The Ephrata community 120 years ago (link to The Ephrata 'vegan' community was founded by German settlers in Pennsylvania in 1721, this account pub.1905.
  • Souvenir book of the Ephrata cloister (link to complete history, pub.1921
  • Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin (link to google books) edited by John Bigelow, 1868 edition p.97 When about 16 years of age I happened to meet with a book, written by one Tryon, recommending a vegetable diet. I determined to go into it. (he remained on it for about 17 years)
  • The Dorrellites (link to 'vegan' community in 1790s New England. See pp.82-89 of this extremely hostile volume of 'History and proceedings of the Pocumtuck Valley memorial association' pub.1905.
  • Johnny Appleseed : a pioneer hero (link to by W. D. Haley, 1871. This edition 1955. Johnny (1774-1846) was based in Western Pennsylvania. p.8: 'He believed it to be a sin to kill any creature for food'.