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Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

From The Vegetarian (London), April 25, 1903:

To the Editor of THE VEGETARIAN

Sir, - Regarding the information wanted by your correspondent "K" in your issue of the 21st ult., the following may be of some use to him:-

Except mealie meal, which is South African produce, every necessary of life in South Africa is dearer than in England. The cost of fairly decent living for a batchelor may be put down at at least £15 per month. A single bedroom fetches £4 per month easily. A fairly good board would cost nothing less than £12 monthly.

There is not much difference in the style of clothing between England and Sout Africa. Your correspondent may therefore bring a year's stock with him. The cold weather has just commenced, and the South African winter is rather severe.

Some Vegetarian specialities are imported by a grocer in Natal, but so far as I am aware no-one impors them in the Orange River Colony. Your correspondent will do well to keep a small stock of these with him.

There is a well-managed Vegetarian restaurant in Johannesburg conducted on the principles laid down by Kulme. I may add that fruit being very plentiful in this country, there is no difficulty about the Vegetarian diet.

It may be superfluous to warn your correspondent against building hopes of prospects in South Africa for earning a living. There is everywhere a great pressure of population. The number of unemployed is very great, business is dull, and people do not know what will happen if the mining labour problem is not solved in the near future.

"I am etc.,
"M. K. Gandhi."