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Mohandas K. Gandhi (1869-1948)

From The Vegetarian (London), March 14, 1891:

This is from the editorial of that week's edition, it doesn't mention Gandhi by name bt was oviously referring to him:

One of our Indian correspondents in England reminds us that though this winter has been so terribly severe, yet he has never swerved from his life Vegetarianism, and has been strong and well throughout.

English Vegetarians can hardly appreciate the enormous amount of temptation that young Indians have to stand when they come to England, and are told that "it is all very well to be Vegetarian in India, because of the climate, but that in England it is absolutely necessary to eat fish to keep up the heat."

So it was when our correspondent came to England, knowing nothing of the Vegetarian Society, and the work of Vegetarians in England, he had great difficulties in maintaining the purity of his life, and when he fell ill and was told "you must either take flesh or die," he replied with the staunch conviction of a truth : "I will die then." But instead of doing so, he is among the living, and will be able when he returns to India next summer a full-fledged barrister, to bring English and Indian Vegetarianism into closer union, and, we hope, add an Indian society to the braod folds of the Federal Unnion banner.