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Europe: late 19th Century
Paul Troubetzkoy (1866-1938)

from the 1957 IVU Congress souvenir book (as quoted by his friend George Bernard Shaw):

"Troubetzkoy is a gigantic and terrifying humanitarian who can do anything with an animal except eat it," remarked George Bernard Shaw

"Some of us remember the inaugural banquet in London of the International Society of Painters, at which the late Lord Haldane, presiding announced that when all the conventional speech-making was over, that the illustrious sculptor, Paul Troubetzkoy desired to address the company and how a figure of Patagonian stature arose amid polite applause and began: 'Mr. President, is it not a monstrous thing that we, who are supposed to be artists and civilized men, and not savages, should be celebrating a great artistic occasion by gorging ourselves on the slaughtered corpses of our fellow-creatures?"

From Vegetarian Food for Thought, by Gail Davis:

As I cannot kill, I cannot authorize others to kill. Do you see? If you are buying from a butcher you are authorizing him to kill – to kill helpless, dumb creatures which neither you nor I could kill ourselves.