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India and The East
Phiroz Mehta (1902-1994)

Phirozshah Dorabji Mehta (October 1, 1902 - May 2, 1994) was an Indian-born writer and lecturer on religious topics. He also had many other interests including astronomy, poetry and philosophy.

He was born to Parsi Zarathushtrian parents in Cambay, India, and was brought up in the Zoroastrian religion.

From 1924 until 1932 he studied the piano with the world renowned pianist Solomon, giving recitals in India and Britain. Again illness struck and he was unable to follow his chosen career as a concert pianist and piano teacher. The conductor Zubin Mehta was one of his early piano pupils (despite being from a similar background we can find no evidence of Zubin being vegetarian).

from: The Phiroz Mehta Trust September 2002 Newsletter :

Phiroz had joined Trinity College, Cambridge, in 1921 and was reading natural sciences. But he suffered badly from living in digs, especially as he was vegetarian.  He cut short his course and moved to London to take up music seriously. He had the good fortune to study with Solomon; in all, he spent nine years with this concert pianist who became not only his teacher but a firm friend.