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History of Vegetarianism - Asia & Pacific up to 1900

Complete Old Books:

  1. Thoreau's philosophy of life, with special consideration of the influence of Hindoo philosophy (link to by Helena A. Snyder, Dissertation, Heidelberg University, 1902. p.20 Absitence from meat eating
  2. The Hindoos as they are: a description of the manners, customs, and inner life of Hindoo society in Bengal (link to by Shib Chunder Bose, first pub.1881. This edition Calcutta, 1883. 'The writer has exposed the ... evils to India of English dietetic habits' (Howard Williams in Ethics of Diet).
  3. Poetical works of Edwin Arnold : containing The light of Asia (link to 1883. p.95: 'henceforth none Shall spill the blood of life nor taste of flesh' (in 1891 Arnold was Vice-President of the Bayswater Vegetarian Club, of which Gandhi was Secretary)
  4. A guide to health (link to - Mohandas K. Gandhi, 1921
  5. An Autobiography or The story of my experiments with truth (link to - M. K. Gandhi, 1925
  6. A Quest For Gandhi (link to by Reginald Reynolds, 1952. Personal account of Ghandi at the ashrams.
  7. The Essential Gandhi (PDF 27mb) an anthology of Gandhi's writing edited by Louis Fisher, New York, 1962
  8. Souvenir Book of the 15th World Vegetarian Congress - India, 1957 - (converted to HTML as the PDF was 600mb) - huge collection of articles by various authors.
  9. Vegetarianism in Australia, A History (PDF 8mb) by Edgar Crook, 2008