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Vegetarianism in Australia
A History

Edgar Crook
Canberra, Australia 2008

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  1. The Establishment of Meat
    Discusses how Australia was founded as a meat eating colony.
  2. A New Dawn
    Discusses when the first arguments for the diet are made in Australia.
  3. Religious and Temperance Reformers
    Discusses the linkage between temperance and vegetarianism in Australia.
  4. Alfred Deakin and the Melbourne Spiritualists
    Discusses Australia's second Prime Minister and his spiritualist circle.
  5. Theosophical Vegetarianism
    Discusses the major role that Theosophy has had in Australian vegetarianism.
  6. The Advent of the Adventists
    Discusses Ellen White and the Seventh-Day Adventists in Australia.
  7. A Political Diet
    Discusses how the diet was perceived within a political context and highlights various vegetarian politicians.
  8. Women
    Discusses the role of women in the vegetarian movement.
  9. Eccentric Reformers
    Contains short biographies of various Australian vegetarian eccentrics.
  10. Dietary Reformers
    Discusses vegetarianism as promoted by medial and health advocates.
  11. A Sporting Diet
    Contains examples of Australian vegetarian sports people.
  12. Pure Food
    Discusses the growth in vegetarian food products, restaurants and the rise of the health food industry.
  13. Early Vegetarian Societies
    Details the birth of the first Vegetarian Society in 1886 and its prime movers.
  14. The Society Reborn
    Details the re-birth of the Society in 1948.
  15. Animal Rights and Welfare
    Discusses the role of the animal rights and welfare movement.
  16. Vegetarian Writers
    Contains information on vegetarian writers and on literature relating to vegetarianism.
  17. Opposing Artistic and Literary Perceptions
    Contains examples of literary attacks on vegetarianism, primarily from The Bulletin.
  18. Concluding Remarks

    The Complete Book (1.5mb)