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Europe: early 20th Century

Note - these are not just lists of 'famous vegetarians' - they are people with a view on the subject, the articles explain whether they put those veiws into practice.
IVU Manager's blogs:
Henry Salt - the father of animal rights
Why Dresden? The origins of IVU
Gandhi - and the launching of veganism
The Invention of the Vegans - the first Vegan Society
Vegans are Vegetarians too - early years of the Vegan Society 
Vegan Goes Global - the first ten years, 1944-54

Complete Old Books:

A great Russian tone-poet, Scriabin (link to by A.E. Hull, London 1916. Refers to Scriabin's theosophy, from about 1904, which led to his vegetarianism.

The Food of the Future (PDF 10mb) a summary of arguments in favour of a non-flesh diet, by Charles W. Forward, London, 1904.

See also:
IVU 1908-2008 - for archives of World Vegetarian Congresses since 1908 (1908-1955 were all in Europe) - and all international veg events.

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