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Europe: late 19th Century

Note - these are not just lists of 'famous vegetarians' - they are people with a view on the subject, and the articles explain whether they put those veiws into practice.

Some articles about the origins of the Vegetarian Society UK, and the beginnings of organised vegetarianism:

The first attempt at an international organisation:

IVU Manager's blogs:
London Vegetarian Association, 1850s – the world’s first ‘vegan society’ 
Prof. Francis W. Newman and the attempted ‘vegan’ revolution of 1871
The First Vegan Cookbook - New York 1874
Gustav Schlickeysen – 1875 German vegan, raw-foodist, fruitarian
Was Vitamin B12 a problem for 19th century ‘vegans’?
The Vegetus Myth - an attempt to pretend that vegetarians didn’t just eat vegetation.
Henry Salt - the father of animal rights

Complete Old Books:

The Dietetic Reformer and Vegetarian Messenger, August, 1884 (link to - The Vegetarian Society (Manchester), one complete issue - the first section of a large book of other misc. articles.

Pamphlets V, 1836-1895 (link to - includes 'On Certain Fallacies' by Henry Salt

The Vegetarian (html pages) extracts from the weekly newspaper published in London, 1888-1903.

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