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Bold Beginnings: The Remarkable Journey of the Black Vegetarian Society

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Let me introduce you to the story of the Black Vegetarian Society, a powerful movement with roots in advocacy, health, and community. Cassandra Wimbs and David C. Jones, visionaries and health enthusiasts, co-founded this impactful organization. Their journey began at the grand stage of the 1975 World Veg. Congress at Maine's prestigious Howard University. A heartfelt thank you to The Hon. Jay Dinshah of the American Vegan Society, whose support and inspiration provided the initial thrust for this organization. The gift of his thought-provoking work, “The Dreadful Comparison,” to Cassandra became a cherished symbol of their shared commitment to this cause.

Over time, the Society underwent a metamorphosis, becoming the International African American Vegetarian Network and Friends (IAVNF). It's not just a title; it's a promise - a promise to create a network of friends deeply committed to vegetarianism and community growth.

Contributions and Achievements of David and Cassandra

David and Cassandra’s contributions extend beyond merely establishing a society. They've been instrumental in initiating practices like Friday night fasting sessions, group fasting alongside renowned figures like Dick and Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton, and attending influential events at the Hippocrates Health Institute. Their tireless efforts have significantly advanced antihunger initiatives and peace objectives.

David's impressive journey led him to become the Nutritional Advisor to the legendary Muhammad Ali. His dedication and tenacity even earned him a Guinness World Record for his unique combination of boxing and fasting.

Cassandra, an erstwhile health instructor at New Rochelle College, was celebrated as the Teacher of the Year in 2004. Her immense contribution to educational activities around prostate cancer earned her a congressional proclamation. Her tireless service to the New York State community was also recognized with an exemplary service proclamation.

Vegetarian Advocacy and Health Initiatives

Thanks to Beauty Without Cruelty, Cassandra proudly dons a Vegetarian Mouton fur coat, symbolizing her commitment to cruelty-free living. She dedicates her time to assessing health food stores, ensuring high-quality products are accessible to the public. A recent review recognized "Elm Wellness" as a commendable store.

Her dedication to improving local health provisions resulted in a proclamation for her contribution to the 125th Street Health Food store development project. She offers valuable insights on local businesses in the Area, helping the community make informed decisions.

International Collaborations and Ongoing Advocacy

As an honorary member of Friendship Force International, Cassandra encourages visits to their website,, promoting international unity and understanding.

Both David and Cassandra are devout followers of the Gen.1:29 Biblical Vegetarian verse. They invite the public to explore, hosted on the Bing search engine, to understand their profound dedication to vegetarianism.

Cassandra's anthology, "Traditional Healing Systems of the African Diaspora," is readily available for exploration on It offers an insightful understanding of the historical, cultural, and medicinal aspects of vegetarianism within the African Diaspora.

In Conclusion

From the inception of the Black Vegetarian Society to its transformation into the International African American Vegetarian Network and Friends, Cassandra Wimbs and David C. Jones have left a lasting legacy. Through their tireless advocacy for vegetarianism, they continue to inspire and nurture healthier, more conscious communities.


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