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Black Vegetarian Society

Cassandra Wimbs here describes briefly the nature, history and activities of the Black Vegetarian Society. It was co-founded by Ms. Cassandra M. Wimbs and Mr. David C. Jones at the 1975 World Veg. Congress in Maine at Howard University. We want to thank The Hon. Jay Dinshah of American Vegan Society for his support and inspiration, who gave Cassandra a copy of “The Dreadful Comparison."

It has been renamed The International African American Vegetarian Network and Friends (IAVNF). The primary impetus is to be a friend who wants to network.

David and Cassandra have engaged in such endeavors as the Friday night, fasting functions, group fasting with Dick and Dr. Alvenia M. Fulton, plus attendance at the Hippocrates Health Institute. They, along with others, promoted antihunger and peace goals.

We are still active friends in that. David became Muhammad Ali's Nutritional Advisor. Davey also holds a Guinness World Record for boxing and fasting.

Cassandra, former health instructor at a college of New Rochelle, won Teacher of the Year for 2004, also a congressional proclamation for Educational activities around prostate cancer, plus an exemplary service proclamation to NY State.

Thanks to Beauty Without Cruelty, Cassandra proudly sports a Vegetarian Mouton fur coat. Her present vegetarian activity is evaluating Health food stores for the public.

This afternoon she rated "Elm Wellness" as recommendable. She holds another proclamation for the 125 the Street Health Food store development project. A report can be requested on 5 businesses in the Area.

As an honorary member with a Passport of Friendship Force international, Cassandra recommends their site.

Both David and Cassandra adhere to the Gen.1:29 Biblical Vegetarian verse. It asked that The Family heart public visit the on the bing search engine. Her anthology, "Traditional healing systems of the African Diaspora" is accessible on


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