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Kayastha Vegetarian Society


Kayastha or Kayasth is a Hindu caste in South Asia, whose place inside the four Varnas or main castes is disputed. Most Kayastha are non-vegetarian, unlike other Hindu castes. (Wilkepedia)

From The Vegetarian Messenger (Manchester, England), July 1896, p.238/9:

THE KAYASTHA VEGETARIAN SOCIETY.- Abstract of rules and regulations of the Kayastha Vegetarian Society (India). -

  1. The aims and objects of the society shall be -
    1. to induce the members of the Kayastha community in general to abstain from using fish, flesh, fowl and eggs;
    2. to discourage the use of meat in public caste-dinners given by members of the brotherhood
    3. to make tentative efforts towards realization of the aim of the Society from a social point of view, and to studiousl avoid all questions of religion and politics in connection with the Society.
  2. The working of the Society shall be carried out through the medium of its branch societies and agencies.
  3. The duties of the branch societies and agencies shall be briefly:-
    1. To devise all such steps as may tend to realize the aim and objects of the Society;
    2. to obtain pledges, submit them to the general society, and deliver certificates of enrolment issued by the head office;
    3. to keep a register of members, correspondence register, account register showing the operations of the Society in connection with local festivals held in the year;
    4. to submit the half-year and yearly reports to the head office
  4. Any member of the brotherhoodnot below the age of twelve years is eligible for membership.
  5. Payment of subscription and other pecuniary contributions by the members is optional.
  6. A consolidated report, showing in detail the operations of the Society throughout India for the last preceeding year shall be laid before the annual meeting, and shall be subsequently published among the brotherhood.
  7. The annual meeting of the Society shall be convened simultaneously with the Kayastha conference at such place where that body holds its session.
    - Sanval Sahai Varma, Secretary

Proceedings of the 4th annual meeting of the Kayastha Vegetarian Society, India (Aligarh), held at Moradabad (N.W.P.), in the Kayastha Conference Pavilion, on the 29th December, 1895, at 8 a.m. Audience 700.

  1. M. Indarjil (Shahjahanpur) recited prayers to God, and denounced the use of flesh in a short speech.
  2. M. Munno Lal (Cawnpore), President of the Society, delivered the inaugural speech, in which he congratulated the members of the Society on the success which has attended their maiden efforts.
  3. B. Atal Bebars Lal Varma (Aligarh), General Secretary of the Society, read the annual report for 1895, which was adopted at the motion of B. Mata Prasad (Lucknow), seconded by M. Kalicharan (Cawnpore).
  4. The following gentlemen appropriate and eloquent speeches on vegetarianism: -
    1. M. Ram Dayal;
    2. B. Narain Prasad, M.A., LL.B. (Agra)
    3. B. Gorind Prasad (Cawnpore)
    4. W. Ganga Prasad, pleader (Mainpuri)
    5. M. Raghhir Prasad Biryan (Moradahad)
    6. B. Horgovind Dayal, M.A., Government pleader (Lucknow) founder of the Kayastha Conference
    7. Mr. Naud Kishone Kakkar, barrister-at-law (Barielly)
  5. B. Sanval Sahai Varma (Aligarh), Assistant General Secretary, read a letter dated the 6th August, 1895, from the Secretary of the Vegetarian Society, Manchester, together with its enclosures. "Resolved that the Kayastha Vegetarian Society, India, should be affiliated to the Vegetarian Society, Manchester, if the affiliation does not interfere with its own rules and regulations." Moved by Saural Sahai Varma (Aligarh), and seconded by Horgovind Dayal M.A. (Lucknow)
  6. The General Secretary pointed out the great necessity of having an organ solely devoted to the cause of the Society. "Resolved that the Kayastha Patrika Lucknow be made the organ of the Society with effect from the 1st January, 1896." Moved by Mata Prasad (Lucknow), seconded by S. S. Varma (Aligarh), and supported by B. Horgovind Dayal, M.A.
  7. The Secretary laid the budget for 1896, which was sanctioned.
  8. M. Sankata Prasad, honorary lecturer of the Society, made an effective appeal for subscriptions, which was liberally responded to by the audience.
  9. After a vote of thanks to the chair the meeting dissolved. Sanval Sahai Varma, Assistant General Secretary.

From The Vegetarian Messenger and Review (Manchester, England), July 1898, p.325:

THE KAYASTHA VEGETARIAN SOCIETY. - The following letter has been sent to the Kayastha Vegetarian Society, India, in answer to the kindly greetings of that Society read at the May meetings :-

To Sanval Luthia Varma, Esq., Joint General Secretary

Dear friend and brother, - The Vegetarian Society send their warm congratulations to the Kayastha Vegetarian Society, and rejoice that in the effort to promote humane diet and kindness to animals, the East and the West can find a common ground of co-operation and brotherhood. In this message the Vegetarian Society is heartily joined by the Scottish Vegetarian Society, at whose headquarters in Glasgow the May Meetings have been held.

We trust your gathering in December will be highly successful, and that our noble cause may prosper in an ever increasing degree, since its triumph means the advance of health, peace, and kindly feeling for all sentient creatures.

We are, dear brother, yours fraternally,
Wm. E. A. Axon, Honorary Secretary, Albert Broadbent, Secretary, The Vegetarian Society
John P. Allan, Wm. Scott, Honorary Secretaries, Scottish Vegetarian Society

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