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FAQ Häufig gestellte Fragen - Inhaltsstoffe 2 - Allgemeines

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Ingredients 2 - General

  • What is cochineal/carmine?
  • Is all lysine animal derived?
  • Can the supplements glucosamine and chondroitin be manufactured from non-animal sources?
  • What are mono and di-glycerides?
  • What is lipase, tallow, stearate and lecithin?
  • Hidden Animal Products
  • Which animal derived ingredients kill the animal?
  • What is cantharidin?
  • Is 'gum base' in chewing gum vegan?
  • What is BHT, as found in prepared frozen foods, and most cereals used as a preservative?
  • Does low-fat margarine and butter contain animal products?
  • Are cashew oils bad for you?
  • Is soya lecithin vegetarian?
  • Do the omega 3 fats in linseeds become oxidised when linseeds are used in baking, such as in bread?
  • Animal Derived Ingredients - list
  • Maybe animal ingredients - list

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