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34th World Vegetarian Congress
Toronto, Canada, July 10th to 16th 2000

The congress will take place at the University of Toronto, a relaxed and scenic location surrounded by parks in the heart of downtown Toronto. Accommodation will be available in university residences and the modern Toronto Colony Hotel.

The campus caterers, well versed in vegetarian cuisine, will be assisted by our Executive Chefs Ron Pickarski, author of Friendly Foods and Eco-Cuisine and Ken Bergeron.

The congress is organised by the Toronto Vegetarian Association
Enquiries to:
2300 Yonge Street, Suite 1101, P.O. Box 2307, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4P 1E4
Tel: +1 416 544-9800; Fax: +1 416 544-9094
email: wvc2000@veg.on.ca

Further details on the TVA website:
34th World Vegetarian Congress
- Sharing The Vision


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Note: the TVA website has another information list specifically for the Toronto Congress - the form above is for information on all IVU Congresses. If you only want info on Toronto, use the TVA Form

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