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Join EVU get IVU FREE!

As from September 2008, any Full Member Society of the European Vegetarian Union is entitled to free membership of the International Vegetarian Union. All you have to do is join EVU, we'll do the rest.

Note: this only applies to Full Member Societies which IVU defines as 'any non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to promote vegetarianism and is governed exclusively by vegetarians.'

Associate Members, Individual Supporters and Business Supporters are invited to Join IVU in the usual way (and you can join EVU as well of course).

EVU has an Online Membership Form

or if you prefer a Postal Membership Application Form which you can print and post, with payment by bank transfer.

Their page on How to Pay Your Subscription gives the bank details and also has a link to their PAYPAL account for online payment by credit card.

EVU has a tiered structured for membership subscription, so bigger groups pay more than small groups.


If for any reason your society does not wish to join EVU then you can still Join IVU in the usual way, but this will NOT include membership of EVU. The joint membership is only available by joining EVU first.