marlyMarly Winckler is a sociologist and translator. She is the translator of more than 60 books including Animal Liberation by Peter Singer and Becoming Vegetarian by Vesanto Melina and Brenda Davis. Vegetarian since 1983 she created “Sitio Vegetariano”– the first webpage on vegetarianism in Portuguese–and the first discussion lists on vegetarianism in Portuguese and Spanish: veg-brasil and veg-latina (now ivu-latina). Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union since 2000 to 2013. President and founder of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society since 2003. IVU chair 2012-2014. She lives in Florianopolis, the beautiful Island which hosted the 36th IVU World Vegetarian Congress in 2004, organized by her.

47th IVU World Vegfest Report

ivu meeting

IVU Vegfests come and go and the 2019 edition has just come to the end. Every IVU Vegfest is different and every one is good - with peculiarities unique to the local, the hosting country and hosting group.

The 47th IVU Vegfest fit pretty much the moto chosen by ProVeg, our main host: IVU World Vegfest Goes Vegan Summer Festival Berlin. This was very much the case, as it was more a visit than an integral participation as is often the case. Still, IVU had some participation in
every aspect of the event: some talks in the main tent, an artistic presentation and our IVU Network Tent - which worked well as a space to meet, talk and share experiences. IVU’s high point at this Vegfest was the IVU Leaders and Simpatizers Meeting, held at the ProVeg office.



46th IVU World Vegfest – Nairobi, Kenya 23-24th November 2018 – Oswal Center

by Marly Winckler - IVU Chair

Another IVU World Vegfest is just over and again the sensation is that always it is worthwhile. This is the 46thIVU World Vegfest (previously Vegetarian Congress) to be held during the 110 years of IVU. The first one was in Dresden, in 1908. In the beginning all were in Europe, then we went to US and India and then around the world, in Asia, Middle East, South America and Australia. Now for the first time IVU came to Africa. So this is a historic Vegfest!

kenya vegfest 2018

The event was mainly organized locally by people from the Indian community – and it is easy to know why, since India has a strong tradition in vegetarianism and many adepts of this diet still today. We can see that in the Indian community more and more people are becoming strict vegetarian (vegan) and the event was – as all IVU events are, since 1996 on – a totally vegan one (the food served, the stalls and the message).

The venue - IVU Vegfest took place in the beautiful Oshwal Center
.The venue - IVU Vegfest took place in the beautiful Oshwal Center


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A importância do vegetarianismo para a prática de ioga

Marly Winckler 

A palavra ioga (Yoga) vem do sânscrito Yuj, que significa união. Segundo a filosofia hindu, a alma humana, ou Jivatma, é uma faceta ou expressão parcial da superalma, ou Paramatma, a Realidade Divina, fonte do universo manifestado.


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“Die Fakten sind auf unserer Seite“

A report by Dr Konrad Yona for the Jewish Vegetarian Society of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society´s Vegfest in Curitiba - October 2013
             Bericht vom Vegfest in Curitiba

Konrad Yona Riggenmann, Curitiba

15,3 Millionen Vegetarier! Damit liegt Brasilien, gemäß einer Umfrage des renommierten Instituts IBOPE, auf dem zweiten Platz hinter Indiens 400 Millionen (2006). Indien, klar: Mahatma Gandhi, Gemüse-Curry, heilige Kühe – aber Brasilien, das Land der Fleischspieße und Fazendas?


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