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Alex Fernandes

Alex Fernandes - Brazil - IVU Webmaster Alex is a vegetarian since 1995 and a vegan since 2004, he is the founder of Guia Vegano, one of the biggest web sites on veganism in Brazil and also a On-line Vegan Store. He have attended many IVU events since 2008, making presentations in Vegfest of Jakarta and Los Angeles. Together with the help of John Davis (from UK), George Jacobs (USA) and Jayachandran (from Singapore) they launched our new website For many years Alex was webmaster of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society - SVB, and now he is a technical consultant for it.

Carlos Naconecy

Carlos Naconecy, PhD, is a Brazilian animal ethics philosopher, independent researcher and author. Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics. Consultant Editor of the Journal of Animal Ethics. Director of the Animal Ethics Department of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society. He was a Visiting Scholar at the University of Cambridge. His publications include a book (in Portuguese) titled Ethics & Animals.

Cynthia Schuck

Cynthia has a PhD from Oxford University (Zoology/Evolutionary Biology) and two post-docs, one at Oxford (where she integrated experimental economics with evolutionary biology), and another (Brazil) on the evolution of advanced cognition and the conditions for its emergence. She also holds an MSc in Ecology and a BSc in Life Sciences.
Cynthia is the scientific director of Origem Scientifica, a consulting company in global health and data analysis in the life sciences, with projects developed for several institutions (e.g., the National Institutes of Health USA, the WHO, among others). She also has a solid background in scientific capacity building, with workshops on data analysis and scientific method taught to researchers in the health and life sciences in several countries.  A list of academic publications, with 50+ articles published in top journals, can be found at:
Since 2015, Cynthia is also the scientific director, and director of the environment department, of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society (pro-bono). She currently lives in Spain and is fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese (mother-tongue). 

David Pye

David Pye – United Kingdom – nominated by the Vegetarian Society UK Limited - IVU Treasurer I joined the council of the International Vegetarian Union in 1999 and have had the honour of serving as treasurer. I am committed to the work of IVU and I was also responsible for registering IVU as a 'not for profit' UK company. I have been a research scientist and I am an IT consultant with a Masters degree. I have set up several UK companies and taken two of them forward to become successful local charities with over 30 employees. These two charities specialise in energy efficiency and organic gardening. I have been vegetarian for over 40 years. I believe it is the only way forward for the people of our planet, for the benefits of animals, the environment and the raising of people consciousness. I am also a trustee and fellow of the UK Vegetarian Society and was chair of the charity for three years. I have spoken at international congresses on the environmental aspect of vegetarianism. The impact of meat production is massive and the environmental damage could be drastically reduced by people adopting a more vegetarian diet. I want IVU to be the voice of international vegetarianism, to continue giving grants and support to fledgling vegetarian/vegan organisation and to maintain and grow our international website as a source of inspiration to all.

HENG Guan Hou

HENG Guan Hou is a stalwart crusader of the vegetarian, local organic, environmental and corporate social responsibility movements in Singapore for many years.  An active member of Vegetarian Society Singapore, Guan Hou has been elected as the Vice President after serving 2 years as the Honorary Treasurer.  He is recently elected as the president for SEAVU-South East Vegetarian Union. He is actively involved in several other NGOs such as World-In-Theatre and Nyaung Kan Aye Dharma Society (Burmese Buddhist Society).  He has held numerous positions in charity and religious organizations and performance arts groups (World-in-Theatre in Singapore).  His passion is to do as many arts, social and charity projects as he can in his lifetime.

Being an adventurous entrepreneur, he ventured into Myanmar without looking back, setting up a turn- key M & E Engineering Solutions company and an engineering products trading company supplying various international brands. In addition, he founded a FMCG company distributing the Old Town White Coffee brand.  He was awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award by the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises as well as the Emerging Enterprise 2012 Award from OCBC Bank for his entrepreneurship. 

Ignacia Uribe

Ignacia Uribe is a Chilean journalist and animal rights activist, who has a master degree in Animal Law and Society by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She has been vegetarian for more than 15 years, and in 2012 founded Vegetarianos Chile, the largest network of vegetarians and vegans in that country, which today is an ONG called Vegetarianos Hoy that focus on expanding vegetarianism in Latin America. In 2015 she led #NoSonMuebles, the biggest animal rights campaign developed in Chile, that until now has more than 100,000 signatures to get animals recognized  as "sentient beings" by the Constitution. She has given international talks in Brazil and Argentina, and attended many vegetarian events in the US and Europe.

Marly Winckler

Marly Winckler is a sociologist and translator. Vegetarian since 1983 she created “Sitio Vegetariano”– the first webpage on vegetarianism in Portuguese–and the first discussion lists on vegetarianism in Portuguese and Spanish: veg-brasil and veg-latina (now ivu-latina). Latin American and Caribbean Coordinator of the International Vegetarian Union from 2000 to 2013. President and founder of the Brazilian Vegetarian Society 2003-2015 (now Honorary President). IVU chair 2012-2014. She lives in Florianopolis, the beautiful Island which hosted the 36th IVU World Vegetarian Congress in 2004, organized by her.

Saurabh Dalal

Saurabh Dalal – USA, nominated by Vegetarian Society of DC - IVU Councillor My passion is outreach, education, and greater advocacy of veganism and non-violence as compelling solutions to many global problems. I live in the Washington DC area, maintain friendly and collaborative contact with many leaders in the vegetarian & animal rights movements, and enjoy interacting with activists and giving talks in the US & internationally. IVU has tremendous opportunities for a world that desperately needs changes towards greater respect, responsibility, and sustainability. We have greater potential today than ever before and we need people to come together to be a more impactful organization. I want to help effect and shape the new possibilities. I feel I am an experienced organizer and planner for non-profit veg and pro-animal groups, work very well with people to create inclusive, team environments, and possess strong communications skills. My years working as a Program Manager will help greatly with more efficient IC planning with constraints of costs / resources and timeframes to optimize our performance on initiatives. Firstly, establish a clear plan/strategy for the IC to identify and execute major tasks deliberately and pro-actively; then further IVU's role of establishing / supporting vegetarian groups through information-sharing, best practices, and lessons-learned, especially in under-served parts of the world; position IVU to be a stronger and recognized voice on the international level; and welcome, encourage, energize, and recruit new volunteers.

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