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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

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I'm having a great time. This is a noble experience meeting new persons.

Dr. Chiranjee Lal Bagra

[Chiranjee Lal Bagra]

[Eli Esther Yamaguchi] My mother was reared in a traditional macrobiotic vegetarian family. This tradition is about 300 years old. Although our ancestors would not have recognized the modern term, "macrobiotic," macrobiotic practices would be familiar to them.

I have developed a new style of pickling dishes. In New York for five years I taught cooking classes in pickling dishes, and other classes in healthful Japanese cooking. I also owned a restaurant there, but I closed that restaurant last year.

In Tokyo I own two vegetarian restaurants. In New York I published a book called The Well-Flavored Vegetable, and I am about to publish a Japanese language book in Japan which, in translation would be The Chattering Pickled Vegetable.

I practice both Shintoism and Judaism. My current writing is two Japanese books concerning religion and food.

The first book is about how women can continue their mother's culinary tradition, with special reference to my own mother's Shinto macrobiotic cooking, and considering the experience of Jewish women.

The second book in Japanese will compare religious traditions with regards to their attitudes and teachings about food.

I want to prepare organic pickled vegetables for my people in Japan. I own 32 acres of land in upstate New York, near Kingston, where I hope to develop The 21st Century Village. Every year 36-40 persons, including the Japanese Ambassador to the US, travel from Japan to help supervise this project.

Eli Esther Yamaguchi
Tokyo, Japan

This was a very good vegetarian congress.

Esteban Carles B.

[Esteban Carles]

[Kazuhiro Matsuo] I am very glad to be here. Here are many things that I have never seen before. It is great pleasure for me to meet with persons from many country. I will introduce such a nice conferrence to Japanese people, and will make efforts to develope vegetarianism in Japan. Next congerss in Tailand, you will find many Japanese. I wish see you again! Speak to me there!

Kazuhiro Matsuo
Osakao, Japan

[Khambhir Nimnual] I am looking forward to welcome all vegetarians and vegans who are invited to attend the 33rd World Vegetarian Congress which will be held in Thailand from Monday January 4 to Wednesday January 6, 1999.

Love and best wishes,
K. Nimnual

Khambhir Nimnual

[M. I. A. Khalik]
I am a life member of the International Vegetarian Union.

In Singapore I am the Manager of Health Foods and Natural Remedies, the pioneer health food store in the City of Singapore. We are a member of the NNFA, which is an American organization.

I have been attending every World Vegetarian Congress for the past 16 years. This Congress is QUITE GOOD. I look forward to the next World Vegetarian in Thailand.

Will you be there?

M. I. A. Khalik
Singapore, Singapore

[Madan Mohan Bajaj] It was wonderful to be in the United States of America. I came along with my colleague, Dr. Vijay Raj Singh, to attend the World Vegetarian Congress held at University of Pittsburgh, at Johnstown.

I spoke on the BIS Effect (Bajaj-Ibrahim-Singh Effect) and it's globality. I showed by experimental demonstration that BIS Effect is present in seismology, medical sciences and astronomy. I also spoke on the relationship of abattoirs and the origin of earthquakes. I gave several examples to demonstrate this point. We have written 3 books on this subject. The name of this very popular book is "Etiology of Earthquakes: A New Approach". This book has been published by Hira Bhaiya Prakasham, Indore, India. Our message to the entire world and coming progenies is that animals should not be butchered if we are interested in saving our planet and also the whole cosmos. Coexistence is the key for the growth of the entire cosmos.

The Discovery of BIS Effect is considered as the most remarkable discovery of the 20th century. Many times this effect is also explained as the Breakdown of Integrated Systems Effect. Professor K. Chandra Shekhar has highly admired the work on BIS Effect, which was first recorded by Dr. Singh in Russia in 1995. This work has been highly discussed in the press, the media and scientific circles.

But it is an admitted fact that several aspects of this Effect require detailed experimental investigations. This Effect has a very important role to play in understanding muscular dystrophy, heart diseases, renal failure, Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj
Delhi, India

[Morikazu Sasaki] I attended the first NAVS Vegetarian Fest in Maine in 1975. I am very glad to attend this congress.

Morikazu Sasaki
Hyogo, Japan

A message to the people of the world:

It is very important, the World Vegetarian Congress and Summerfest '96 we are celebrating in Johnstown in behalf of the health and life of the people all over the world.

Napoleon Aguilar
Lawyer and environmental inspector. Panama

[Napoleon Aguilar]

[Thanu Harihara Iyer] I'm having a wonderful time exchanging a lot of new ideas and meeting a number of pleasant and sweet people from all over the world.

Thanu Harihara Iyer
Former secretary of the Indian Vegetarian Congress in Madras, organizing secretary of World Vegetarian Congress in Madras.
Madras, India

[Vijay Raj Singh] It is my great pleasure to be here at Pittsburgh University, Johnstown, USA on the invitation of NAVS.

In this conference I presented the detailed account of the BIS Effect. By BIS Effect we mean the interaction of the Einsteinian Pain Waves with matter. Another definition of the BIS Effect is the effect of the Living State Forced Anihilation Operators (LSFAO) on matter. LSFAO are of 4 types. LSFAO Alpha is applicable in astrophysics, astronomy. LSFAO Beta is applicable in geophysics. LSFAO Gamma is applicable in medical sciences. LSFAO Delta plays a role in virology and immunology. These four operators can explain the effects observed in these four fields. In my talk, I explained LSFAO Gamma and its impact on the origin of different diseases. I explained that different body disorders are occuring because of the slaughtering of animals and meat-eating. I also demanded that meat should not be imported by the United States of America and other countries from India and other developing countries. Leather should not be imported and we should stop using animal products. This is absolutely essential if we have to save our animals and to show respect for their existence.

It is extremely criminal to take the lives of living creatures and make our body as the graveyard of the dead bodies of other living creatures. Our work has convincingly proved scientifically that killing of creatures has ruined the human existence and its future.

You can reach me and Dr. Madan Mohan Bajaj at:

Muscular Dystrophy & AIDS Research & Welfare Centre,
Medical Physics, Immunophysics, Neurophysics, Nephrophysics and Biomedical Engineering Research Laboratory
Deptartment of Physics and Astrophysics
University of Delhi,
Delhi-110007 India

"Etiology of Earthquakes, A New Approach"
by M.M. Bajaj, M.S.M, Ibrahim, Vijay Raj Singh

Reports received from different parts of the world show that the several earthquakes have the history of millions of animals being butchered in or near the high risk seismic zone. The present work critically examines the abattoir-induced earthqaukes. We have studied the complex role of nociceptive waves in causing the shear-wave splitting, which is related to the seismic anisotropy. This type of splitting is associated with the cracks in the crust aligned by stress. The origin of earthquakes due to the interaction of nociception waves with the gravity waves is critically investigated. The earthquakes of 8 Richter occurs only when the resonant frequency is extremely high. Low frequency resonances lead to earthquakes of 0.1 to 0.2 Richter. Low frequency resonances are hardly felt or realized by common man. High frequency resonances (originating due to the slaughtering of millions of animals daily for years together) lead to powerful singularities with the gravity waves.

Accoustic anisotropy leads to very strong anisotropic stress on a rock. Butchering of thousands of animals daily continuously for several years, generates acoustic anisotropy due to Einsteinian pain waves (EPW) emitted by dying animals. Accoustic anisotrophy is found to be related with the stress history of rocks.

This paper makes a serious study of the globality of the problem of earthquakes. As EPWs travel to great distances with time, abattoirs of one country may lead to havoc in other country. Interaction of EPW with the terrestrial waves does not recognize the political or man-made demarcation lines. We show that mistakes committed in certain nations have led devastating earthqaukes in other nations. It is concluded that for the safety of the human beings, we should close down all the abattoirs (visible and hidden) of the world. Our environmental problems are responsible for the mega-event of earthquakes.

Keywords: Earthquakes, EPW, abattoirs, S and P-waves, shear-wave splitting, chaos, power law, fractals, static and dynamic friction.

Dr. Vijay Raj Singh
Delhi, India