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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
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The Way of Jesus the Nazirene
(With a brief History of "The Church" that came later)
or: "The Way vs. The Church"

from EVU News, Issue 3 / 1996

image: Dr.Alan Wauters
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One of the great enigmas of history, i.e. the horrific martyring of Jesus "the Nazirene" (Yeshua Ben Yosef), his brother James "the Just" (Yaacov Ben Yosef), and their cousin John "the Baptist" (Yohannaton Ben Zachariah), has perplexed, both, historians and layman alike for nearly two millennia.

In our own times we run into the same dilemma concerning the Kennedy and King assassinations. In the Oliver Stone movie, the Fletcher Prouty character played by Donald Sutherland when interviewed by Jim Garrison replies to a similar question: "Before you ask yourself who or how, you must ask yourself why. Who stood most gain from the removal of these three giants of our times?" (Paraphrased)

The questions which must be asked concerning our thesis are different only in kind, not at all in principle. If one cannot answer the first question the ultimate even being stumbled upon would be most likely either mist or subconsciously ignored.

The murdering of Jesus and his brother James - trial or no trial - was in socio-political history no different in principal than the assassination of the Kennedy brothers. As, the Italians, or should we say (in this case) the Romans, would say "the business" ("de biziness").

Jesus and his brother, along with the rest of the Nazirene, (our spelling for Nazirine is based on a blending of two words: Nazarite and Essene (in Hebrew Nazir and Yesseyen - Nazir-yen/Nazirene), Ebionite and other anti-roman sects were systematically, scrolls and all, wiped off the face of the earth by the Romans with the help of the collaborating Sanhedrin priesthood. The semi-pacifistic nature of these and other closely related sects following in the footsteps of their totally pacifistic Essene mentors, made easy prey for those blaggard Roman hordes hell bent on wiping out all opposition.

The only group ever to have any real, lasting success against them were the exceedingly more violent Zealots whose swan song ended tragically at Masada in 70 A.D.

It has been historically well documented that while the Romans did not invent the system of "divide and conquer", they most certainly perfected it, for their era of history, to a fine art. Along with this and an iron-fisted hold over their victims, they had an uncanny knack for taking what they wanted and discarding the rest. By this we mean both, concerning physical (material) and metaphysical (spiritual - religious) matters as well. The fact that a great percentage of their expunged architecture, politics, and philosophy came straight from the Greeks is well known. The fact that Christianity in general, and Roman Catholicism in particular were usurped (by the Romans) directly from these and other related vanquished sects, is not!

In spite of the fact that dozens of books have been written on the subject, a great percentage of the western world, for various reasons from left to right, seems to be utterly ignorant of this historically provable fact. The most important point here is the fact that among the greatest crimes in history, i.e., the dastardly martyring of Jesus and James along with the eventual elimination of the entire Nazirene movement (while blaming the whole bloody business on the Jews), is a case which can never be overstated.

Even more so than the rash of American assassinations in the sixties, these events served to alter the course of history over not just the Americas, but for that matter the entire planet, more than most realize.

And what happened at Nicea, some three hundred or so years later in the first of many so-called Christian Councils spanning centuries, sealed the coffin on the truth of these matters forever!... or so they thought?

By implicating the Sanhedrin, and surely they had a hand in it, they made it look as though the Jews as a group were whole-heartedly behind this holocaust. Nothing could be further from the truth. To say this generation of Sanherin were fine upstanding patriotic Hebrews, would be like telling the (Charles De Gaulle led) French resistance and the overwhelming majority of France in the forties that Marshal Patan and his band of French-Nazi (Viche) collaborators were heroes of World War II.

Another great riddle in all this: i.e. the enmity/schism between James and Christianity's real founder, Saul of Tarsas? (Post Damascusly known as Paul) has also been a great source of debate (especially among theologians).

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that whatever this so-called schism between James and Paul was, it definitely had to be something monumental for the Roman government to have gone through all that double-crossing (murder and mayhem), the martyring of countless numbers of persons, and ultimately the systematic genocide and attempted removal from history of certain specific groups and their message. What one might ask, was the message - a message so dangerous to the Roman system, it had to be eradicated to the fullest measure possible?!

After consulting historians, from Josephus to Hegesippus, further evidence is gathered, from the many gospel accounts, both canonical and non canonical (so-called) as well. Those non-canonical gospels more or less benign (mostly) became apocrypha, the rest had to be burned! What these pre-Orwellian (Big Brother-like Nazi) predecessors didn't figure into the equation was the possibility that sooner or later a number of these documents, scrolls and the like would resurface out of the past - like so many smoking guns!

Both, the Nag Hamadi found gnostic Gospels and the Qumran found Dead Sea Scroll, are just such smoking guns resurfacing.! Particularly the latter of these two has had waves of controversy surrounding it; spanning nearly half a century. Most recently, fifty of four hundred or so unreleased fragments have exploded onto the archaeological-biblical scene.

In spite of what would appear to be a highly well-orchestrated half-century cover-up between the Vatican and Tel Aviv, thanks to two very brave men, Robert Eisenman and Michael Wise ("The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered"), the beginning of what would appear to be quite a warlike religious controversy in the making has been ignited. The first fifty of several hundred heretofore undisclosed fragments along with a multitude of other various forms of incriminating evidence threaten to rock the very foundation of not only Christianity, but the parent Judaism as part of the bargain!

The case made in this work goes like this: would the original teachings of Jesus, and after his passing, the Nazirene community led by his brother "James the Just" have won out instead of what ultimately became Manifest Destiny bound Christianity, the entire planet may have been well spared centuries of debauchery and destruction! At the very least, they could not have been accomplished in Jesus' or God's name.

Anyone doubting these statements should just question the ghosts of those native Americans who met Columbus, Magellan, and the like at the shores of this continent from 1492 on; or the African slaves shortly thereafter or the descendants of the survivors of W.W.II! And if all that doesn't convince you, try looking around the globe today. From our forests and oceans to the air we breathe, and all the needless human suffering that seems to be in some kind of nightmarish death race right along side of it, organized Western Religion and its sidekick philosophical overview "Manifest Destiny", in no small part helped make all this possible.

Add to all that our general attitude toward women, race, and the rest of the non Judeo-Christian world religions, a clear and unavoidable (self-incriminating) indictment begins to unfold itself right before our very eyes.

For Further Information

For a closer and more detailed look at the documented evidence (fifteen years-researching) to back the above information, the first in a series of books on the subject, "The Gospel of the Nazirenes", will soon be available in the US; and hopefully (soon thereafter) everywhere else.

Below is a chart, outlining the major points of "The Way" (as taught by Jesus "the Nazirene", his brother ,James "the Just", their cousin, John "the Baptist", and all Essenes, Nazirenes, Ebionites and others).

On the opposing side, those of the Church (creating the perfect paradox) show on the one hand - what might have been versus what history has revealed.

All these points and more, elaborated upon, and prooved beyond a reasonable doubt can be read in the upcoming series mentioned above.

Essene, Nazirene viz. JAMES =
"The Way"
Judeo, Christian viz. Paul =
"The Church"
Human Potential
A. Self Empowerment A. Negation of Self
B. Continual rebirth/evolution through initiation/knowledge (gnosis) = enlightenment/gradation to higher level of realization/manifestation/ higher incarnation B. One birth/one rebirth in same incarnation through faith/belief in someone else's effort (i.e. Jesus's) = one shot - all or nothing salvation; failure = eternal damnation
C. Graduation through lifetimes of right thoughts right words right deeds. C. Only through faith in Jesus's death and resurrection can one be saved. 1. Works are worth nothing 2.Only vicarious blood sacrifice of the innocent can pay for the sins of the guilty!!!
Human Contract with Nature
A. Stewardship of the earth A. Dominion over the earth
B. Passive co-operation and respect for all life B. Aggressive command and control over nature
1. No violence of any kind = no war or aggression of any kind 1. Centuries of so-called righteous wars = all manner of violence inquisitions etc.
2. No forced servitude of any kind = no military no slavery etc. 2. institutionalized forced servitude = militarism slavery etc.
3. No cruelty of any kind = no blood sacrifices or other related cruelties to humans animals etc. Also no meat or hide industries etc. 3. All lower evolutions of nature viewed as natural resources/commerce - therefore animals (having no soul) can be enslaved sacrificed murdered etc. (at will).
Effect on the Course of History
A. Awareness of interdependent co-operation of all ecosystems A. Aggressive domination by human race (led by white Christian males) over all!
B. Ghia balance = world peace! B. Manifest destiny = world chaos!
None of these correlating ills possible under 1. Wars: responsible for torture and death of untold millions.
Essene/Nazirene 2. Forced Servitude: allowed for slavery militarism sexism etc. For centuries.
paradigm known as 3. Cruel dominion over nature: led to extinction of untold numbers of plants and animals.
"The Way"!!! 4. Lack of Vegetarianism:

a) Aids and abets world hunger

  1. 16 lbs. of grain = 1 edible lb. of beef.
  2. 5'000 gallons of water = 1 edible lb. of beef.
  3. 85% of U.S. topsoil - loss directly related to livestock raising etc.
b). Meat industry: endangers entire ecosystems - particularly in rainforest regions (especially Central and South America)
  1. Amount of meat imported to U.S. annually from Central and South America: 300,000,000 pounds.
  2. Percentage of Central American children under the age of 5 who are undernourished: 75
  3. Area of tropical rainforest consumed in every quarter pound of rainforest beef: 55sq. ft.
  4. Current rate of species extinction due to destruction of tropical rainforests for meat grazing etc.: 1,000 per year!!!
None of these correlating ills possible under Essene/Nazirene paradigm known as "The Way"!!! 5. Lack of Self-empowerment:

a) Creates hopelessness
b) Promotes an attitude (the result of which leads to a) lack for the taking of full responsibility for the consequences of one's own actions!