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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

[Anne Dinshah]

Sports and Fitness People
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Anne Dinshah
Lightweight women's rowing coach, University of Wisconsin at Madison.
Madison, Wisconsin, USA

[Bernie Thimian] VEGGIE POWER, lean, clean and unmean! If you're not eating your veggies, what are you eating?

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Bernie Thimian
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada

[Birgit Rambaud] I have been a vegetarian for the past 50 years, and a vegan for 45 years. I am now 71 years old and still going strong. I am thankful for my good health. I am still very active and in good health. I did bungee jumping in Australia in 1993. Last year in 1995 I celebrated my 70th year birthday in an air balloon high over Australia. This year on my birthday I went soaring in a glider over the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts, where I live. I have attended many World Vegetarian Congress - Maine in 1975, 4 different cities in India in 1977, Neu Ulm, Germany in 1982, and many others. I hope to attend the World Vegetarian Congress in Toronto in 2000.

I also volunteer at the Olympics occasionally, but this year Olympic volunteering conflicted with the World Vegetarian Congress, so I attended here instead, since this is more important to me.

My reasons for vegetarian living are primarily health. In the 1940's I was extremely ill and expected to die within a few months. I then became a vegetarian and have learned to become quite healthy, and I am living proof of the potential of healthful plant-based, ecologically-responsible living to restore vigor and vitality in human health.

I have written two books in my life, during my 7-year residence in Australia, from 1950-1957.


Jag har varit vegetaruan for over 50 ar nu och en vegan for omkring 45 ar. Gillar mycket farsk frukt och salad men ater kokt foda ocksa behover inga kokbocker ar nu 71 ar gammal och for tva ar sedan jag var nere i australien och reste omkring och aven gjorde bunge jumping det var 1993 ifjor 1995 jag firade min 70ars fodelsedag i en ballong over canberra i ar jag gjorde gliding i the berkshires var jag bor jag fortfarande ar stark och jobbar hart varje dag pa en kampingplats vi ager.

Birgit Rambaud
Williamstown, Massachusetts, USA

This is my third Summerfest and every year I look forward to seeing old friends, and meeting new ones. I would love to share my Vegan recipes with other vegetarians. My other interests are aerobic classes, weightlifting, and golf.

Carol A. Kuhnke
Miami Lakes, Florida, USA

[Carol A. Kuhnke]

[Carole Baral] This is my 20th year at the Vegetarian Summerfest. I am so happy to be here again with all these wonderful friends. I teach yoga and relaxation techniques here at the convention. My husband Arthur and our son, Matt are with me this year to become inspired and blessed by all this wonderful energy.

Carole Baral
Certified integral yoga instructor, school teacher, NAVS board member.
Carmel, New York, USA

[Rozalind A. Gruben] I assist Dr. Keki Sidhwa in the running of the British Natural Hygiene Society, the organisation that educates people in how to live in accordance with nature's laws for abundant health and joy. I am also working with Dr. Douglas Graham in the founding of HealthEco, a non profit organisation dedicated to advancing the cause of planetary health through a series of educational programs, and by supporting projects designed to make a difference to our planet. Much of my time is spent speaking and writing on the causes of health along with extensive work within the fitness industry as a course director of exercise teacher training.

Rozalind A. Gruben
Professor of nutrition, writer, exercise teacher/trainer.
Storrington, West Sussex, England