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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

Speakers and Musicians

Albert Kaplan
Stockbroker for institutional investors, advisor and consultant with ethical and social investing.
New York, New York, USA

[Albert Kaplan]

It's a delight to find myself again in this community of friends, giving nutrition lectures for the umpteenth year, feeling those around me share deep commitments to healing our planet via day-to-day life-style choices of kindness, nonviolence and naturalness. It seems like just yesterday that I became a vegan in 1976, then went to the North American Vegetarian Society conference in Ithaca (where I now live) and met other vegetarians for the 1st time. I look forward to teaching people for years to come how to rid their lives of animal-derived foods.

Bob LeRoy, RD, MS, EdM
NAVS nutrition advisor, certified fitness instructor, writer, researcher.
Newfield, New York, USA

Dana Lyons
Eco-folk musician.
Washington, USA
[Dana Lyons] Go Veggie!!!

Dawn Gardner
Virginia, USA

[Dawn Gardner]

[Dorothy L. Yacek-Matulis] I've been a vegan for four years, at first for environmental reasons, but additionally have continued for ethical and health reasons. I enjoy ethnic music and vegetarian ethnic foods. I play domra and percussion in zima eastern European ensemble (also do the vocals) and would appreciate playing at more vegan/vegetarian gigs.

Dorothy L. Yacek-Matulis
Pennsylvania, USA

Vegetarian Summerfest is the premier vegetarian event of 1996. Health is the result of healthy living. Moving towards a plant based diet is the most significant personal statement those concerned with their own health, that of their loved ones, or, of the planet we share with all of creation - could possibly make.
Specializing in helping others shift toward a plant based diet, with appropriate diagnostic protocols in assessing intestinal function and its relationship in the prevention and reversal of degenerative disease. Employing hygenic principles with appropriate use of phytotherapy as well as diet and lifestyle modification.

Paul Willems, D.C.
South Bend, Indiana, USA

[Paul Willems]

[Ryan Flegal] - our veggie website (soon to have live video). Check it out in about a month (September). Thanks for doing this. At the website you can find out about all our latest projects with the Santa Monica College Vegetarian Club, Food Rebel magazine, Fruits, Nuts and Flakes: the vegetarian connection and our vegetarian L.A. dance club. Plus lots more. We can be reached by phone at (310) 289-4393.

Ryan Flegal
Santa Monica, California, USA

This is a wonderful opportunity to expose people to the realities of the cycle of abuse.

Sherry Schlueter
Detective Sergeant who began the first animal cruelty unit in Law Enforcement.

[Sherry Schlueter]

[Sky] Composer and musician, born in Germany and currently living in the States. Sky recorded five CD's of New Age music.
The aim of his live performances is to create a spiritual union through music. He is capable of performing on a variety of instruments including piano, flute, guitar, bouzouki and synthesizer.

A free catalog can be obtained by sending a self addressed stamped envelope to:
Magic Music, P.O. Box 1122, Mill Valley, CA 94942
Phone: 1-800-825-4848 (Backroads Music Distributor)

Thank You!

Ahlen in Westfalen, Germany