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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

from EVU News, Issue 3 / 1996

Important Elections in IVU

On the occasion of the International Vegetarian Congress in Johnstown, several important elections for the International Vegetarian Union took place. The outgoing president (Surendra Mehta, India), deputy president (Prof. Marcel Hebbelinck, Belgium), general secretary (Maxwell Lee, UK) and deputy secretary (Francisco Martin, Spain) were not standing for re-election.

During a Council Meeting Francisco Martin was elected general secretary and Hiren Kara (India) deputy secretary by the outgoing Council.

The positions of president (Howard Lyman, USA), and deputy president (Maxwell Lee) were assigned during the AGM without any election after "contacting" and "persuading" behind the scenes, so that candidatures were withdrawn at the last moment, in order to give way to a single candidate. It is hoped that under the new dynamic president of IVU, Howard Lyman, there will be regular and democratic elections in future for all positions.

Eight new council members had to be elected too. They were elected by the AGM: Dr. Igor Bukovsky (Slovakia), Patricia Carney (USA), Prof. Marcel Hebbelinck (Belgium), Dr. Alex Hershaft (USA), Dr. Mitsuru Kakimoto (Japan), Kevin Pickard (Canada), Hildegund Scholvien (Germany), Pornthep Srinarula (Thailand).

Our thanks to all the outgoing Officers and Council Members for many years of self-sacrificing work, congratulations to the new ones and best wishes for their fruitful co-operation! SDL

image: council
The Officers and some Council Members of the IVU, from left: Pornthep Srinarula (Thailand), Hiren Kara (India), Francisco Martin (Spain), Kevin Pickard (Canada), Maxwell Lee (UK), Saurabh Dalal (USA), Sigrid De Leo (Switzerland), Patricia Carney (USA), Howard Lyman (USA), Hildegund Schovien (Germany), Surenda Metha (India).