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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

Organisers of North American IVU Member Societies
Pictures and Comments from the Cybercafe

It's wonderful to be at the Summerfest! I just wish I could have been here for the entire week!

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Allen Schubert
(Vegetarian Society of the District of Columbia)
Columbia, Maryland, USA

[Allen Schubert]

[Dennis Bayomi]
picture from the '95 Vegan Festival
Greetings from the World Vegetarian Congress! Thanks to all of you for making this the profound and enlightening experience that it was. I look forward to meeting all of you again and to those of you who weren't able to attend, please join us for the next one!

Dennis Bayomi
(Winnipeg Vegetarian Associsation)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Summerfest is a regular habit. It is a great place for networking and meeting old friends. We are the editor of the Jewish Vegetarian Newsletter and Co-ordinator of Jewish Vegetarians of North America.

Eva and Israel Mossman
Federalsburg, Maryland, USA

[Eva and Israel Mossman]

[Hilary Evans] Newsletter Editor of "Veggie-Table", the voice of The Vegetarian Society of Bermuda. Call me for info on veggies in Bermuda. Tel: (441) 296-0903. The Congress was GREAT!

Hilary Evans
Paget, Bermuda

Hi everybody! Boy, are we having fun here at Camp Summerfest! The food is great, I'm having lots of fun meeting people from the globe over, and -- best of all -- I've made my first trip to the Cybercafe.
Wish you were here!

Jennie Collura
NAVS president, senior editor of Vegetarian Voice.
Johnstown, New York, USA

[Jennie Collura]

[Pamela Teisler-Rice]

Pamela Teisler-Rice
Director of the Viva Vegie Society, author of 101 Reasons Why I'm A Vegetarian
New York City, New York, USA

I had been a vegetarian for 25 years before my first Summerfest two years ago. Because of all I learned there I am now a vegan (I'm also a Board member of the Vegetarian Society of DC).

Beth Preiss
Washington, DC, USA

[Beth Preiss]

[David I. Schneider] I am a 20-year vegetarian and past President of the Vegetarian Society of DC.

This is my first Summerfest, and I appreciate all the work NAVS did to organize it.

David I. Schneider
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA

I am enjoying the conference. The food is great!! I am currently working on an event that will take place on the Boston Common on October 5, 1996, with many other vegetarians. After that is finished we will begin work on our 2nd Annual Vegetarian Food Fest. I do not have a computer yet but I am thinking about it for the near future. Since i do not have a e-mail address, you would have to reach me through the Boston Vegetarian Society.

Eric Pierce
Brockton, Massachusetts, USA

[Eric Pierce]

[Patricia M. Takacs] Past President, NAVS; vegetarian 25 years; registered nurse; Jain-student of Pujyashri Chitrabhanu; teacher Jain Meditation, Vegetarian Ethnic Cooking, Stress Management, Cosmic Chanting.

Patricia M. Takacs
Lyndhurst, Ohio, USA

The photo of Paul Turner is regretfully missing.
The IVU/Summerfest was great! I recommend all veggies to come whenever they get the chance. I am the global director for the world's largest vegetarian food relief program, called: Food for Life. We operate in 60 countries and serve freshly cooked vegetarian/vegan meals to the needy of the world.

Our founder: Swami Prabhupada told us that no one within a ten mile radius of our centers should go hungry. Currently we are are serving well over 50,000 meals a day.

On November 23, 1996, we will innaugurate "Feed the World Day," set to become the world's largest free vegetarian feast. We invite all people, espcially the vegetrarian/vegan community to join with us in serving out this terrfic and huge feast for the world. For more information, please contact me through e-mail or phone: (301) 299-4797.

Bye, Paul Turner (Priya - that's my spiritual name)

Paul Turner (Priya)
Potomac, Maryland, USA