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32nd World Vegetarian Congress 1996
[Vegetarian Summerfest '96: A World Vegetarian Congress]

Nutitionists and Dieticians
Pictures and Comments from the Cybercafe

[Michael Klaper]
What a wonderful conference! Vegetarianism is alive and well and growing stronger than ever!

Our Institute of Nutrition Education and Research is conducting the Vegan Health Study to help characterize the health of vegans and learn how to optimize the vegan diet for each individual. Participation requires diet questionnaire to be completed and sample of urine, saliva and blood to be submitted. All information kept anonymous, and you will receive a copy of all test results. To be part of this landmark study contact the Institute of Nutrition Education and Research, 1601 N. Sepulveda Blvd, #342, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266.

Michael Klaper, M.D.
International lecturer, radio host, author, director of comprehensive vegan health study in the USA, health director of Royal Atlantic Health Spa.
Manhattan Beach, California, USA

We're having a wonderful time! Wish you were here.

Suzanne Havala
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

[Suzanne Havala]

[Cynthia Cowen] I'm a 24-year vegetarian (13 years vegan) and very involved in health and nutrition education. Presently, I'm coordinating the Healthy School Lunch Program for Dade County (Miami), sponsored by EarthSave. I'm very involved in our EarthSave Miami group as well. I used to coordinate the Vegetarian Studies Program at Miami-Dade Community College for 5 years, teaching there too. My daughter has been raised her entire 8 years as a vegan, which has been extremely rewarding. I'm thrilled to be at this conference to share Healthy Lunch information!

Cynthia Cowen
Nutrition consultant, former director of Vegetarian Studies at Miami-Dade Community College.
Miami, Florida, USA

[Dianne H. Abraria] Founder of the Corpus Christi Area Vegetarian Society. Full-time graduate student in dietetics. Member of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetics Practice Group of the American Dietetics Association. This is my first time at Summerfest, and I am enjoying it a great deal. I have learned more in the last week than in an entire semester of "traditional" nutrition classes! I am looking forward to a dietetics practice where I can share with others the joy of vegetarian eating! My husband, Job, is here with me. We are newlyweds -- two and a half months! -- and met through our mutual activism for animals, the poor and the promotion of vegetarianism.

Dianne H. Abraria
Corpus Christi, Texas, USA

Registered Dietitian who offers a Correspondence Course in Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrition. Address: VEGEDINE, 3835 Rt. 414, Burdett New York, 14818, USA. Author of The Most Noble Diet and A Basic Course in Vegetarian and Vegan Nutrition.

George Eisman, RD
Founder of Vegetarian Dietitians and Nutrition Educators. Director of vegetarian nutrition home study course. Author of The Most Noble Diet.
Burdett, New York, USA

[George Eisman]

[Gerry Coffey] Fitness and nutrition advisors Gerry and husband, Ray, teach Healthy Alternatives classes, write a newsletter, and conduct Learn-To-Live Weekends. Gerry, a former health educator at a major metropolitan hospital, contracted a life-threatening ovarian cyst when a doctor put her on Premarin. (Note:75% of women on estrogen therapy develop growths.) Extensive research, study and work with the handful of health care luminaries across the world who prevent/reverse acute and chronic diseases without drugs or surgery, enabled Gerry to heal herself through fasting and nutrition. Ray eliminated severe sinus and prostate problems. Health is the only true wealth, and they want everyone to be wealthy.

Gerry Coffey
Decatur and Huntsville, Alabama, USA

[Carl V. Phillips] Anyone interested in scientific issues relating to vegetarianism should join the email list Sci-Veg. Just send "subscribe sci-veg " to

Some version of each of the three talks I am presenting here at Summerfest will appear on sci-veg in the near future.

Carl V. Phillips, PhD
Economist and policy analyst specializing in public health.
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

[Jules Oaklander] Hi. I am vegan, board certified family practice physician, practicing holistic preventative medicine.

My address is 838 NW 183rd Street, Suite 102, Miami, FL 33169
Tel: (305) 652-6560

I've thoroughly enjoyed attending the World Vegetarian Congress, having learned many beneficial new medical aspects of vegetarianism as well as meeting so many interesting vegans from all over the world. If you are in Miami, give me a call. See you at next year's NAVS Sumerfest.

Dr. Jules Oaklander
Miami, Florida, USA

[Carol Coughlin] I'm a Registered Dietitian who specializes in vegetarian nutrition. I have 3 gorgeous vegetarian children (their pictures are here also). I am pleased to serve as the alliance representative between NAVS and the Vegetarian Nutrition DPG of the American Dietetic Association.

This conference hosted the premier of "Issues in Vegetarian Dietetics", a day-long continuing education seminar for Registered Dietitians and other health professionals.

Carol Coughlin, RD
Alliance coordinator of the Vegetarian Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group of the American Dietetic Association.
Massachusetts, USA